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DROD ( http://drod.caravelgames.com/ ) & other PC games, philosophy, computers, psychology.
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16 Oct 2005
"The Lone Rat and His Family"
An extended family of rats once lived in a city manor. Now the housekeeper of this dwelling was rather old and somewhat blind, so it was easy for the rats to scavenge food from the badly swept kitchen floors. But one day the housekeeper no longer came, and a new one took her place. The floors were given a thorough cleaning, and hard times came upon the rats. Although no rat starved, none of them could eat as he wished.
The next morning the rats met to decide what to do. They quarreled much and eventually told the rats whose turn it was to forage to do whatever was necessary. Now one rat, as usual, had not come to the meeting. This rat thought such meetings a waste of time, and always scavenged alone. The scavengers talked among themselves and began to be suspicious of this rat, saying, “He must not care about the family. Why else would he avoid the meetings?” Their speech became uglier, and finally, finding the rat eating a crumb, they set upon him bodily, biting him to death. The other rats were again happy with one less mouth and more food for each.
The fool maintains disinterest
In affairs of governance
For rights may be deprived of those
Who so lack vigilance.
Alright, the assignment was to write a fable modeled after Indian (subcontinent) literature, so my first concern is that its overall tone may be too like Aesop's.
The first and final sentences seem a bit forced.
The syllable counts of the moral's first and third lines are differ by one.

And now the disclaimer I often seem to need: Please do not feel pressured to help me, only if you wish.
14 Oct 2005
...yeah, read the topic title & description.
26 Sep 2005
Mata: I distinctly recall you saying after making 'First Date' that you were through with 3D. Yet, you used it again. Now you say that you will return to 2D. I am skeptical that you will, but here is something to think on:
Please do not completely. I understand the length, and I sympathize, but it does not all have to be like the first few... surely you could at least have Sarah walk in a direction other than directly across the screen or something... and the 3D is quite stunning visually. Most people I have tried to convert have liked the 3D and found the others "primitive", "amateur", "basic", and/or "not so engaging and complex as Magical Trevor [a catchy weebls-stuff toon]".
So, I propose a blend. Keep it when it has high visual yield (a la the trans-city jump in 'First Date'), scrimp where it does not, and above all keep it smooth and consistent.
Of course, you are the Mata. I will not presume to order you, and these should be taken as well-meant strong suggestions.

Also, is it just me, or is Sarah getting shorter while her wings enlarge?
5 Sep 2005
ph34r.gif I opened it while seeking to save my favorite SWFs to my PC. It has several animations which I can find no link to in the 'site proper'. Among these:
Several nuts-and-bolts applications for the site.
Several things which make 0 sense to me.
Standalone musical tracks.
Textful animations about apparently random people.
Falling "A short story about creation and people"
The Bunny of Love Apparently made for chain emails.
Inn on the Green Rather disturbing short...
A Lost Mittens & Snowdrop Animation Mittens turns 1! So does Snowdrop, but Mittens cares not.
Mr. Snaffleburger Special Message Mata attempts to reconcile a couple via Flash. Can we get a big "Awwwww..."?

Apologies if I wasted everyone's time. unsure.gif
7 Aug 2005
Having now seen all Little Goth Girl animations to date, I was wondering about the role of the Counsellor. In 'Encounter', he is revealed to be you-know-who, but I would think he would be wise, being who he is. However, I watched the first two episodes again and while Sarah's incarceration seems reasonable in the first film, in the second it seems not so, as she is not delusional. Although we never see Devils after the second one...
Also, why does he not acknowledge her father's identity? Surely he knows it...

Mata, is this all a plot to make us wary of divine intervention? ph34r.gif

Oh, what happened with the plan to take over the world with Fluffykin?
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