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13 Sep 2005
I want to bring up what I believe to be an Issue with Feshies (I apologise if the word is not spelt correctly). Before I do does any one in this Forum room do Irish dancing or Feshies?

Let me know. Thank you.

Ok I will type the Issue no problem.

I went to my first competition a couple of weeks before the summer holiday started. I didn't wear something as extravagant as what I saw other children wearing but the prices of their dresses are shocking. A new Irish dress can cost up to a £1000 pounds. I then find out why people pay so much for an Irish dress.

Before you get judged for your dancing they give you a mark for your costume or deduct marks if your costume is not up to a curtain standard. This may be tradition but does no seem right. I saw to younger girls in the feshies. The first one was the most amazing dancer I had seen at that age and very advance but the other girl that went next was not as good but her costume was a lot more expensive. The one with the more expensive costume got through with a higher mark simply because of her costume.

This to me feels like their saying if you havenít got a lot of money to spend then your quality of dancing doesnít really mean much.

This may not seem like an issue but can mean a lot to some one who does Irish dancing as there is a lot of hard work involved and a large commitment also the passion to do Irish dancing, itís amazing how far people would travel to do competitions, some people came from the Ireland just to do a competition in oxford.

So I feel itís wrong to use this type of judgement.
13 Sep 2005
While it is a good idea to have PSHE classes to teach us about drugs, dealing with money, sex education ect...

There needs to be a large improvement in the ways and methods that are used to educate us. I don't know if this is the same for other schools but most of the time we would be watching videos and learning nothing. Also I find this to be ridicules but while they were telling us the effects of drugs and how wrong it is they also brought in examples of drugs and were in fact teaching us how to take each drug in perfect detail. If they don't want us to be taking drugs then why give are they giving us such information? Some one brought up the point just showing us the reality of what drugs and smoking can do to you, which I believe would be more effective.

Also I find that sex education is not helpful for most of us and tells us what we already know. The teachers we have had to teach us also feel unconfterable talking about the subject so again we would just be watching another video and have gained
no helpful information. To be honest they should really just bring in some one from out side the school younger than what our teachers are and talk to us about relationships, sex and also give us strait forward facts instead of just telling us why it is bad all the time.

I don't know what it is like for other schools so correct me if Iím wrong but I think that things like PSHE classes could be greatly improved and be more helpful than what they are now.
13 Sep 2005
I was speaking to my friend once and I asked her why she broke up with her boyfriend. She told me it's because she remembers what her Dad said to her she can have a black friend as long as she never marries or goes out with anyone black.

I spoke to some one else about this and they told me it was perfectly normal and some family's are just like, also that it's best to respect this.

I just want to know what other peopleís thoughts on this are. Would you find this offensive?

My friend is just an exsample of the many people who have said this to me. I felt awkward because I am mixed race and couldnít help to feel offended. Also I have realised that I am never allowed around her house when her Dad is home only her Mum.

Would you think that this is fine or would you also disagree?

This is not to offend anyone I am just curious to know.
15 Aug 2005
The one main problem I have had since primary school is that there are lots of people who just don't understand what dyslexia is.

Dyslexia effects people in different ways and is no the same for every person but it is now very common for people to have dyslexia. It's the lack of understanding that annoys me which has made people believe in my school mainly the teachers where your not capable of doing any type of work understanding anything and your stupid which is how one teacher put it me once. It started in primary school and the moment they found out they kept me at the bottom group of all classes and special needs, which has effected a lot of my work in senior school because I havenít learnt all the basics that I should of. I have found that so many other people have had the same problem because of the lack of understanding. I just wanted to know what people always thought dyslexia was and if anyone else has this same problem or if your dyslexic and what do you think. This should really stop and I believe that teachers shouldn't have such a lack of understanding as it really does affect a studentís work and self of steam. Let me know what you think and your opinion on this matter or if you are unsure about it.

Dyslexia is not an actually where you have a problem with your eye sight but it is in the brain that can jumble up the letters which then effects how you read something. There can be different effects and effect people in different way. For exsample letters moving around (not just words) letters changing missing out lines while reading.

For me personally it's where I find it hard to read and takes me along time because the letter changes into a different letter move around and I jump lines constantly. I also miss out words and never seem to get the whole sentence. This may be different for other people.

Let me know what you think or if this affects you too. As I think it is a big problem at the moment with the lack of understanding and needs to be sorted.

Thank you for taking up your time to read what I have written and any contributions to this matter would be of great help. many thanks. XX
14 Aug 2005
It is just recently that I have noticed people still have a fear of the paranormal and superstition. I have just started to do fortune cards and learning other skills. I have never realised how many people fear it and have managed to convince themselves that this is the work of the devil and I am a witch then they tell me that they don't believe in witches (still donít understand this) and we have advanced since the medieval times in this way of thinking. I have also realised that a lot of people even if it is very slightly they are suppositious, but have managed to put in their minds and tell themselves that they are not. Also its the people that try to explain everything logically and believe science explains it all that fear this the most.

I just want to know what other people's opinions and thoughts on this are.

Let me know. smile.gif Thanks. XX
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