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my interests ...lets see... i love to ride horses i could do that all day. i love lil kids and babies and hope to have some of my own someday. i love to listen to loud music...some of my favorite bands include but are not limited to: Lacuna Coil, Kovenant, and CKY. they are kool!
i love animals specifically i love dogs,cats,hampsters,horse s,oh and i love wild animals too! i love tigers and lions and cheetahs! i love white tigers oh my gah they are to die for!
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8 Oct 2005
I have this kitten named Tipper.. he is so cute... but like he keeps getting into things... maybe i should get him a ball of yarn or something, haha! *giggle giggle* laugh.gif
8 Oct 2005
I recently observed my friend's mother and father cooking together. They had had a few drinks and were rough-housing around in the kitchen around a very hot stove. They wound up, (from running all over the place), falling onto the stove top and burning themselves really badly!
A word of advice people! AFTER you have drank and you have your girlfriend or a friend or whoever in the kitchen with you while your cooking around a hot stove.... DO NOT...DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT... run around in the kitchen like rabid mongoose and acting all crazy! Because if you do, your more susceptible to falling on the hot surface and getting burned. DO NOT roughhouse around in the kitchen around a very HOT stove especially after you've had a few to drink. Because it will cause a lot of pain upon you if you get burned like these people did!
so for the safety of you and others, do not do such dumb activity in the kitchen! wink.gif
7 Oct 2005
You guys, when others push you around, it only proves their insecurity. I know that it is not just me who gets pushed around at school. It is a day to day problem for a lot of kids all over the United States.
I, as well as other kids in public schools, need to and have come to realize, that these people who pick on others are just looking for a reaction out of you. A lot of the times they are just doing it to get a rise out of you. People teasing me is something i deal with on a day to day basis. trust me you guys, when it comes to these imature, insecure individuals at school, the best thing any one of us could ever do is ignore them. Also, i find that if that does not work and the situation keeps getting worse and worse, then you most likely need to respond to it by telling a teacher that is close by and within close reach.
I am telling you guys, if you can learn to do this, then in time, it will help you so much in the long run because this will happen all your lives. The sooner you learn to deal with it in a nice calm manner, the better off I, as well as you, will be!
3 Oct 2005
well im in a good mood today so maybe school will go well today... im wearing a baby blue shirt and bluejeans with my gray and pink tennis shoes... *loves her new shoes!*

if someone mocks me im either gonna hit them or laugh at them for being stupid!
i have english 1st block and i have a hilarious teacher in there! mrs.baird is so funny last week i almost literally fell outta my chair because of laughing so hard and after i got through laughing i had to regain my breath again.i also have extremely funny kids in my class....they are cool.....however, im pretty much a loner in school... i have no friends there and i dont talk to over half the school because they are snobs preps and stuckup jocks who i wouldnt get along with anywayz. so why talk to them if your not going to get along with them you know?

yeah i know it sounds stupid because they make up like over half the school but better to be safe than sorry.

i have 2 people i usually can talk to all the time with but sometimes they like really tick me off so ignore them until i have calmed down or sometimes i yell at them.

but my school life has its ups and its downs but i think this week is mainly going to be ups cause im in such a good mood this morning its unreal you guys...
1 Oct 2005
i just got through talking to syuu and i told her that im gonna call her my mommy from here on out.... dont ask why its a long story...but if ya wanna i can tell ya the whooooooooole story. *lmao*
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