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Music, playing guitar, the beach, being outside in general, getting into trouble, finding ways to get myself out of trouble, fence hopping, being awesome, bone breaking, mental maths, my geography teacher, kitties, bunnies, cute things, giggling and snuggling.

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26 Jul 2008
So, long story short, my Camcorder connects to Firewire cables, but my computer only has USB slots. There doesn't seem to be a way to connect the two different cables. The only solution I've found so far is getting a Firewire Card thing, but I have no idea how to put that into my computer or if it'll even fit.

Help, please, anyone?

Gonna go bug the people at Circuit City and Best Buy again tomorrow, but they've sold me the wrong thing twice now. dry.gif
2 Jul 2008
Does anyone know how to make one? I like the way you can shoot people with fire extinguishers, but they're not very practical to carry around. I was wondering if any of you know how to make a type of homemade smoke gun, much smaller than a fire extinguisher, but just about as powerful and with the same "fill the room up with fog" affect. I Google searched for a while, but it kept coming up with smoke bombs and toys. sad.gif
27 Jun 2008
I want to know all the strange places you've been. I don't mean like countries and stuff - as cool as they are, that's not the point of this thread. More like... Abandoned churches, cool rooftops, middle of no where in a forest, some weird empty build, etc, etc, etc.

Got the idea for this thread biking home with Eli after 4+ hours of biking/walking/climbing around some of the touristy spots of Orlando. We wanted to go to George's Music first, but we've been there loads of times, and didn't really feel like going. So it was between sticking to Universal Blvd. for a while and going to Pointe Orlando (which is totally different! They closed all the good stores!) or going along I-Drive and heading toward the Festival Bay Mall. Pointe Orlando it was, which is like this outdoor mall type thing. We failed to get into the parking garage (stupid security) so found this back way with lots of stairs and creepy hallways and everything. We were just biking around there for a while, checking out the new stores and stuff, and decided to take our bikes up the escalator and see what's up there. There was this bridge thing that was more of a ramp than a bridge that led into the 2nd floor of the parking garage past security and all that. Ignoring the 'smile you're on camera!' signs, we went up and down the ramp a few times, threw water bottles around, annoyed tourists, and got bored. So we went into the nearly deserted parking garage, up to the 4thish (dunno, didn't really count, it was high up though) floor, moved some big barrier things out of the way, and went onto the totally huge and totally empty roof. I mean, yeah everyone's been on the roof of a parking garage before, but this was insane. We were gonna go down the ramp thingy right when a stupid security guy came and told us to leave. We saw this roof I wanted to try and get on, but the people were still there, so didn't risk it. sad.gif

Pointe Orlando got pretty boring, so we went like 5 minutes up the street to Orlando Convention Center. For those too lazy to click the link, this place is huuuuge. For those that did click the link, that's only one of the buildings. In the West Wing Thingy (the pic) there was some sort of convention going on, but it wasn't huge or anything. There were maybe 100 people in the food court, but everywhere was like completely deserted. Eli and I found this staircase that led to the second floor (couldn't get in through the front without a pass), and one of the like 10 doors were open. We hid our bikes behind this bench thing (I voted rooftop, but, meh, they were safe), and went in. Walked to the end of the hallway, looked around this corner saw a security dude, ran to the bathroom, and spent like 10 minutes hiding in a maintenance closet. Ended up going back out into the hallway, trying to sneak past the dude, but he came up to us ducking behind some plants, laughed, and was all "What do you guys think you're doing?" and we're like "It's hot." and he just like walked off in the other direction. I get the feeling he wanted us to follow him, but we ran down the stairs that led to the first floor. We saw some people walking toward the middle (food court), so we came up with some fake names and a story. But no one really came up to us and asked why we were there (like 2 kids out of 100 old people seniors. They just.. smiled. And we just.. tried not to giggle and look like we belonged there. We ended up exploring most of the place, and getting into some employee only areas.

The best part was when we found this room-type thing that was huge and filled with snacks! Kinda funny, 'cos I crawled through gates and stuff, and Eli just stared at me and was like "Moron, they open." Sucks that we didn't have a back-pack or anything. The West building was cool and all, but there was too much scattered security and cameras for us to really do anything. So we followed a *long* bridge to the North/South building. The bridge ended at the South part of the building, so we went through some doors, and thought the place was completely empty. But it had music playing. We walked around and kept hearing voices and footsteps. And then saw this old man just like laying on one of the arch-type-wall-things and talking to some dude on a cell phone. Slightly creeped out, we opened this one door, and it was insane. Just like in horror movies. You know those creepy hallways that have no one in them, the lights are dimmed but still on, there's random tables back there, a sh**load of wires, noises coming from no where, and it seems to go on forever? That's exactly what we were in. So freaking scary. I think it was in the shape of a square or something. And there were hundreds of doors, all locked. We found staircases and stuff, but it just lead to more hallways for employees that were all creepy looking. I think we saw someone, but we ran to fast to be sure. 'Cos we saw this sign that said "Beverage and snack storing room moved behind room 210. Go this way -> and turn right", so we went left the first time, up and down some stairs, out into the main lobby place right behind the creepy dude sleeping, into another door, ended up where we started, re-read the sign, and took a right. It sounded like someone cleaning, so we just ran. And ran. And checked the time. And went home. Which was annoying, 'cos of all the days it chooses not to rain, it does so on the day I want rain the most.

And I just typed a lot. Congratz to anyone who reads that. Deserted building ftw. Where have you been?
17 May 2008
Not that pollution is new or anything, but has any one else noticed that the air is starting to smell dirty? It could totally just be because of all the fires we've been having here lately (thank you arsonist druggie...), but it's been smelling gross for a while now. I remember being like "I'm gonna go outside and get some fresh air", but now taking deep breaths is just disgusting. dry.gif /rantish

Cars and cigarettes to blame? Forest fires? Something else?

1 Apr 2008
I ... Just realized it's April Fools. Just! *whines because half the day is wasted with no pranks pulled*

Might prank call my mom in a bit and tell her the cat died. Or something.

What've you guys done?
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