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4 Dec 2010
I love birds. Growing up we had a cockatiel. He wasn't the friendliest or most talkative guy in the world but he'd sit nicely on your shoulder or let you pet his head. Later, from my teen years until recently, we had a a number of parakeets(budgies). During this time, most recently at Thanksgiving, I was surprised at all the people I knew, including most of my mother's family, that not only didn't care for them but were in fact quite afraid of them. Some were afraid, even of the little parakeets, to the point that they would cover their heads or faces with their arms and cry out to get it away, put it away.

My question to you is this: What are your feelings on (pet) birds? The fear, with the exception of birds of prey, is a bit of a mystery to me, possibly due to being exposed at a young age. Is it that they're flying, possibly at you? Is it the beaks? Do you suspect or know them to up to something far more sinister?

On the other side (HA!) of the spectrum: Do you have a bird/birds? What kind(s)? Do they say or do anything particularly interesting?

Is that enough interjections for everyone?

P.S. Topic created so NYER tongue.gif
16 Oct 2006
Has anyone heard anything about it? I'm a huge fan of the manga. All I've been able to find out so far is that it will be directed by James Cameron, and that he's currently working on another project as well.

I actually found out about this movie in my Intro to Mass Media textbook, I couldn't believe my eyes, I never thought I'd here about something like that from a textbook before I heard it from one of my anime geek friends. I did find an entry a while back on imdb dot com but I wasn't able to find it today.
13 Oct 2004
My friend just got cable internet, after a long wait. Now we had talked and we were going to set his computer up as a server for a board, for a local geeky thing. The only problem with this is, he has windows xp home, and therefore no iis. My first solution was to try to use apache http server instead. But as it turns out I suck at learning apache. Also I using apache for windows is quite a bit different from on linux/unix, I think. I haven't used it on those, but from the instructions I got online it seemed a lot easier, since there are actually modules to do the things you need to do. Anyways, enough of that.

My final solution was to go to iis, and I got it set up fine on my computer, but my computer is at my house on a 56k. I need it on his computer, but he doesn't have it, so I ordered XP pro through my school a silly low price. Okay, easy enough, right? Just install it. Would be that simple except there are files on the computer he wants, and we are hoping to avoid having to burn all of them to cd before installing.

Now We get down to the core question I have. Is it possible to partition the drive that's currently running windows and add a new blank one, and install xp pro on that, then copy the wanted files over and clear the old space, then unpartion it? Or is there another way to do this?
5 Jun 2004
I've been reading some recent posts and wondered.
Also, to add a little bit more content to each post, please answer a simple question: Would you date someone who spoke Elvish (any variant) or Klingon?

I think Klingon is a bit more geeky, simply because elves are (slightly) more mainstream. Also because Elves good guys where Klingons are generally bad guys (I think).

Also, I would soo date a girl who spoke elven laugh.gif (if I could find one wink.gif ). I would also date a girl who spoke Klingon, but speaking Klingon would be neither a plus or a minus.
24 Mar 2004
So yesterday, my mom had to take the day off to take my brother to the doctor's office, she didn't feel like driving so I drove. We had just left the doctor's office, and were almost on the expressway, when a large black jeep of some sort came into view from behind a van or truck or something, he was turning from the opposing lane and didn't see me because I was behind the large vehicle beside me, which was stopped to turn. My mom started screaming and I slammed on the breaks (not sure about the order) but I ran into him anyways. I caught him in the middle of the vehicle, right where the doors are. His car did a 180 and stopped in the grass in front of a speedway station, my car stopped in the middle of the road, just past the intersection and luckily only in one lane.

I was so freaked out, I was worried I had accidentally run a red light or stop sign, but there was no traffic light or stop sign at the intersection. The man called the police on his cell phone and told them what had happened. It took about 5-10 minutes for the police to get there. The police officer seemed nice enough, but I was still freaked out about the whole thing. I didn't get cited or anything, but I probably won't drive for a little while anyways.

The front passenger side took most of the impact on my car. The car was still running after I hit, but I shut it off and didn't try to see if it would still start. I'm not sure how extensive the damage was under the hood but the (body?) was bent up pretty bad, the metal on the right side slid under the metal on the door and it wouldn't open very far. The paramedics bent it to get my mom out when they came though. Everyone was okay, except my mom, her knees hit the front of the car and the seat belt hurt her shoulder and chest. At the hospital they X-rayed her and all her bones were okay, I was very relieved because they had put her in a neck brace and she was on a hard plastic board. Once they checked the x-rays they took the brace off and the board out from under her. The doctor released her and gave her a perscription for some pain relievers of some sort. We were at the hospital for 3 hours.
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