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The Tortured Soul
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Rock music, LGG (she's kool) internet msg boards kan't think of nethng else.
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The Tortured Soul

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10 Aug 2005
heya, since i will only be randomly poping in because my life is upside down, i decided to make a random thread... here we are... a random thread... i don't expect it to last long, and i won't do it again, but i wanted to have some form of contact with you guys and in my sleep deprived state this is what i came up with.

this first post will mostly contain rubbish that i can be arsed to type, but basically i just wanna talk to you guys coz i've been away for so long. I have missed you but till i get my life sorted (yep that horrible myth is tru... there IS a real world outside of matazone!!!) but i will try and come back and check this thread as much as possible (it limits my area for having to check, rather than a whole board, just one thread hehe, easy) anyway... any of you guys thinking of me? miss me? REMEMBER ME? want me to bugger off and stop rambling? tongue.gif

anyway i love all you guys and you can keep in contact with me here (as msn is just too complicated for ppl to add me on apparently tongue.gif ) say heya to you old timers that know me, and a friendly hello to those new to the Tort-style madness...

i'll stop now and let someone else speak.
24 Mar 2005
oh dear god i have be away for soooome time!!!

random info:i have a laptop now, i have net in my bedroom now, i'm STILL looking for a job, i'm plannin on movin out my parents in september...

hehe yeah, i've missed yoo guys... but i du so much stuff now... and so many thing have happend... *sigh* to many to mention... and rememeber tongue.gif

but i still love you guys and shall sporadically return...

oh... i'll post it in the album thread as well but for now i shall let yoo see my latest pic...

the hair is gunna be taken out 2morro (hafta remove it every 3 months, i don't want dreads again) but when i can afford it i shall get it replaced!!!

as for keeping in touch with me, MSN is probably your best option...

tortured_writer[at}hotmail(dot}com [posting your email address on this website without edits will almost certainly mean you end up on junk mail lists - Mata]

but send me an e-mail first, letting me know who you are, i dun like adding random ppls... you never know what or who they could be...

anyway yeah i've missed you all and i shall be randomly around
21 Sep 2004
errm yeah dunno what to say, i'll answer any question about it exept "what is LARP?" coz i'm tired of answering that... but if LARPers have any question i'll be happy to answer them...

so here he is introducing Mekkit Betta!!!

oh yeah, sorry if it's too bright but the orginal on my computer was too dark, you should be able to see my eyes and some cracks in the make up (it'a a beastkin thing)
2 Jul 2004
ok, Lord of darness e-mailed me noting my increased absence!!!

well i gotta lotta stuff going on, i got a performance for college on monday, lots of stress over wether i'm gonna get in the second year or hafta resit the first!!!

i'm making a computer music album on top of that...

currently my band is going nowhere but at some point i wanna get that sorted, were Something To Die 4 btw (STD4 hehe)...

errm yeah so my life is hectic, but i will try and check this thread once a day so if ya wanna talk 2 me leave a note here... if ne of u remember me that is...

btw my birthday fell a while back i checked back then but found no birthday thread sad.gif unsure.gif ph34r.gif

so yeah i'm no 17 wooo... need 2 wait another year goddamit... but i'll get into that at a later date when i have more time... Cya dudes and dudettes... mata forumites!!!

plz leave a message so that i feel loved when i check back 2morro wub.gif
24 Mar 2004
this isn't about uploading, i know old enought here to know about that...

i host it with photobucket and i created a new album and moved it, so i hafta change all the links for the pics i've moved!!! i haven't changeed it from being a jpeg but the error says "Sorry, that is not a valid file extension" but i haven't changed the fe**in' file extention!!!

the new link is... btw


thx for all you help...
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