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si hoc legere scis ninium eruditionis habes
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anything that sparkles, art, flim, theater, music of any genere, my dive dog named lenny, causing all sorts of mischief, playing clue (prof green, with the gun, in the library)
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20 Jul 2005
so as most of you know i sorta dissapeared one day and didnt come back. well it was childish and stupid and i kick myself everyday for it. i miss you all very much. i would like to rejoin if its okay with everyone. i wont go into why i left and i dont expect forgivness, i abandoned my friends which can be summed only to poor character (understatement of the year). if any of you would like to still talk just pm me and i will give you my new addys and such info. im letting you all make the choice, the last thing i want to is make anyone uneasy for me being here.
9 Jun 2004
yes that day has come, i am moving to the sunshine state (at least i think its called that). this has to be the biggest/bravest thing i have ever done before. i would be lying if i said im not scared but im real excited about it as well. i will miss you guys lots. we really have shared alot here and i consider a lot of you as my friends (especially those of you in mIRC). its not easy leaving you all, and i hope i wont be away for long but i dont know what the furture holds for me out there. so this is my goodbye to you all.

Pip-one of the few things that make this move easier is knowing that you will be here shortly after. i wish it was longer then two weeks, its not near long enough... i love you so very much and i cant wait to sneak up on you in the airport when you arrive and i really cant tell you how much i look forward to the 4th.

Squishy-you'll always be my snuggle-bunny. i love you lots and july cant come fast enough for me (remember to brace yourself for a pouce hug). you are one of my bestest friends in the world, i will call you lots and dont forget to email me.

Lo-well its not really goodbye for you, since we will see each other tongue.gif. just remember to keep the song quiz going for me (use those mod powers woman! laugh.gif)

Ouija-WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEJJJJJJJJJJIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111oneoneone, cant wait til we can both sit in the talking bath tub and hurry up on that phone card! i'll miss you very much but we'll see one another soon enough (nov-dec isnt too far off). keep an eye on vic for me and tell mat that he smells tongue.gif.

Cand-you have no idea how much you have helped me out in the past. you really have been there for me, even though you probably wanted to smack me a few times over it. i really appriecate all that you have done. its too bad that you wont be at the meet, but i guess i'll just have to drive to your house every other day then.

Pab-sorry you wont be able to count on my post in the songbase quiz. i'll really miss you and your silliness and especially our conversations in mIRC. /me bashes pab over the head and drags to cave wink.gif. i'll try to sneak into irc when i can pabby-cakes, keep cath and vic in line while im gone, use honey if you have to.

Oni-lol, i still giggle to myself when i hear Closer by NIN. it was a blast hanging out with you in high school. i will always carry those memories with me. keep in touch, if you still have my number (if not let me know somehow and i'll give it to you again).

Cath-<hugs> its been really fun talking to you in mIRC. and you had better come out and see me when i see weejie <breaks out dominatrix outfit and whip> oh no more closets and honey for you!

Magik-some day we'll have to actually have our "Feed Mata's Children With Jello" charity tour. its pure brillance! i know i wont be around much for you while im gone... im sorry i wont be. just remember that no matter what you do or what happens that you are loved and that things do get better with time.

Shelly-<bites> enough said tongue.gif

its not going to be easy not talking to you all. and i wish i got to know the rest of you on here better as well. i hope for nothing but the best for you all.

~take the roads that everyone said you couldnt take~
-phoenix (emmy)
27 May 2004
it has been decided by me and Cath that more people need to come into irc. we tried advertising and that didnt work, we did the sentiment, and you seemed to blow that away, so we thought that you guys might like a bit of a raffle.

we shall be raffling off different things in irc, but the only way you win, if if you are there.

so come play in irc today!!

first item up for winning is everybody's favorite naughty/bad girl knickers. thats right today, you could win Lolo's infamous black panties. so jump into irc now, before they are gone. laugh.gif laugh.gif

if there is anything you would like to donate to this cause, let us know! tongue.gif or we'll just steal it from you.
2 Apr 2004
the following article was found in my cities little magazine that comes out weekly. i happen to find it brilliantly amusing.

City Bottom
Toledo bans carbs
Mayor warns 'flour pushers' to beware by Handy Mans
In a move designed to make Toledo a healthier city, Mayor Jack Ford has banned carbohydrates from public eating establishments within the city limits. “The people have spoken,” Ford declared at a press conference sometime before now. “We’re going to be the healthiest city in the country, and the only way to do that is to put the entire city on the Atkins diet.”
Bakery owners are up in arms over the proposal, which they claim will put them out of business. “If people want a muffin or a bagel for breakfast, that’s their right,” proclaimed Biff Bullock, owner of the local Bagel’s Bagel bagelry chain. “This intrusion into our private lives is just going to put hardworking businesses under, as our customers flock to carb-friendly vendors in Sylvania Township and Perrysburg.”
The owners of Wiggly Bakery, on the Anthony Wayne Trail, and Miguel’s Bakery, on Frontless Street, have joined forces to form a charitable organization called Buns For Tots. “People who stop into our shops are attending private meetings, which benefit local kids,” claimed a spokes-man. The group plans to hold members-only birthday parties — with lots of cake — for celebrities such as Betty Crocker, Duncan Hines, plus Ernie and at least three other Keebler Elves.
Ford is not impressed. “They’re hiding behind the guise of charity to continue permitting carb abuse in their establishments. I advise these flour pushers to
take the city seriously, or the Buns for Tots are going to get spanked — and spanked hard.”
The issue has galvanized the city. Atkins dieters held protests outside Government Center with placards reading “keep your buns off my body,” while a thriving black market delivers loaded baked potatoes to downtown office workers, despite the implementation by some employers of broccoli-and-cheese-sniffing dogs and random sour-cream tests. Mayor Ford simply hopes that when the brouhaha has died down, the city will be leaner and more fit.
“ If the suburbs would join us, and the citizens would realize this ban is for their own good, and we all made a resolution to be healthier in the new millennium, that would be … well … smokin’!”
27 Jan 2004
01-27-85 our little irish was born


biggrin.gif love you lots sweetie, i hope that you will have a great birthday <hugs and kisses> biggrin.gif
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