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25 Feb 2013
some of you know, some of you don't, it's kind of on facebook - I'm going to massage school. in order of importance, it's to calm and center my energy so that i can more thoroughly help my clients (since i've been surprised by how much i love them) by using reiki/any other energy work on them in addition to the physical aspects, honing something i'm naturally gifted at, so that salons and spas will drool over my dual-licensed self (being able to do both massage and facials at a spa is incredibly appealing to employers), and because i have something to prove after a small emotional crisis. it resulted in tons of ambition. i also got a promotion at work, so now i'm lead esthetician as well. this involves doing payroll, orders, interviews for people, disciplinary stuff, hiring and so on. i don't know where i'm going to pull all the necessary focus from, but it's going to happen. (payroll is today. we couldn't load the videos showing me how to access the reports and i don't know what time the lead therapist and our manager start doing it so i can sit in and watch/take notes/do esthetician payroll. lolol good start)

as you can imagine, this is going to leave me pretty busy. and it will. every day is going to be at the very least 9-7 and most of them will be 6-10. the shortest ones i'll have are sundays (until two months into school), saturdays and fridays. so i might pop in if i have time around there. otherwise, i wont see anybody ever. anybody with my number is totally welcome to text or email or PM or facebook or whatever, since i'll miss you, but iRC is pretty much very very limited now. very.

the upside is that when i graduate in october, my hours will return to normal and i'll be a lot richer. i'm pretty sure a seven month sacrifice of all free time is worth it. smile.gif

29 Nov 2012
"Actor Jason Patric [The Lost Boys, Sleepers, My Sister's Keeper] is embroiled in a bizarre custody war, in which he donated sperm so his ex-girlfriend could have a baby, but according to the deal she could never tell anyone or ask for financial support.

Patric was with on-again-off-again girlfriend Danielle Schreiber for more than a decade. They broke up in early 2009, and he allegedly told her that he didn't have any money to give her but he would give her the next best thing -- his sperm, so she could have a baby.

We're told Jason made it clear ... he would only provide his sperm if she didn't breathe a word to anyone and never asked him for child support. She agreed.

Baby Gus was born in December, 2009. In 2011, Jason and Danielle got back together but it didn't last long. They broke up in May, 2012.

Apparently, while they were together, Jason, who never paid Danielle child support, took a liking to Gus, because he filed legal docs in family court asking a judge to award him 50/50 custody.

But there's a little known law which says if an unmarried man artificially inseminates an unmarried woman with the help of a physician, he's NOT legally the dad and has no custody rights.

The judge has given Danielle temporary sole legal and physical custody of the boy. Jason has visitation rights. We're told Danielle is fine VOLUNTARILY giving Jason the right to spend time with the boy, but objects to a judge ordering visitation -- she doesn't believe Jason has or should have any LEGAL rights to custody or visitation.

The case will be heading back in court. Patric has also dated actresses Julia Roberts and Jennifer Jason Lee as well as model Christina Turlington."

i don't normally post news in MZ, but considering the eternal feud, i just thought i'd point out kiefer's eternal reign.
4 Oct 2012
some of you may have heard I got a new laptop for the purpose of playing the sims3.

some of you also came up with the idea of my making a Matazone family - aka I make sims based on some of you and report their shenanigans. so far vicachu, frogg, sarah, oni and mrbrick have been cast. if you want to be included, let me know. smile.gif

otherwise, i'll just report various happenings and getting up to's here.
3 Oct 2012
exactly what it says - what's been the greatest moment of your life so far?

mine was a few years ago. my best friend alexis' grandmother had just passed away, so she and her family were all in town. i hadn't seen all of them in a very long time since she moved to california and her mother and stepfather moved to sweden with her brother and sister. our families have been incredibly close since we were five years old - and we have the same birthday, so we're always joking that we're the gemini twins, ofc.

a very blurry picture of the day we met.

anyway, it was an incredibly sad occasion. her grandmother was a beloved woman who impacted a lot of people during the course of her life. mourning her loss was very, very difficult because she was simply one of those people whose absence was so enormous. that night, alexis decided that she and her fiance wanted to get married. she told me first and it quickly spread to her mother and stepfather and we all got really excited - well, and nervous, considering her mother was pretty overwhelmed at the time. so, over the next two days, they planned this tiny wedding that included her brother, sister, mother, stepfather, aunt, husband, two cousins, another aunt, an uncle, two sisters in law and myself. i was the only non-blood relative that attended.

i can't explain why this night was so amazing. maybe because she took a horrible time and made something beautiful out of it, or because she and her husband love each other so much, or because everybody was all together and full of happiness and excitement? the simplicity of everything was what really stuck with me - we went to the infamous Little White Chapel here in Vegas and followed it up with a very elegant dinner at Benni Hana, followed by drinks and dancing on their dance floor. there was nothing about it that wasn't literally perfect, and so far, it's my favorite memory.

1 Oct 2012
*yet another possibly already made topic, shhhh.

I was telling a newer forumite earlier how much of a coincidence/near miss it was for me to have ever heard of Matazone. I had a friend online when I was much younger whose username was MitsukaiSiryuse, and we frequently teased him by calling him 'Mittens'. Out of the blue, another friend IMed me one day with an animation featuring a cat called Mittens and thought it would be hilarious to use to mock our Mit. I checked out the website, enjoyed some of the anims, and noticed the word 'forums' floating around. I had no idea what a forum was, so I decided to click it and find out..

And boom, entire life course set on a different path, all because of an IM joke to mock someone with an unfortunate nickname.

What got you here?
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Everyone should appreciate just how awesome a person she really is. Really.
12 Apr 2010 - 2:51
Industrial Kybos...
Without doubt, the single most perfectly divine individual that I have ever shared a starsign with. What's not to love?
10 Nov 2008 - 14:35
Syuu is, without doubt, my favourite person from Nevada. Granted, the number of Nevadan's I know could be counted on the fingers of a person with one hand, after having had four fingers chopped off, but notwithstanding, Syuu is a top notch lass.
23 Oct 2008 - 13:47
There once was a guy from Nantucket
Who put a big whole in a bucket
He tripped on his shoe
and fell in some goo
Then shout screw this nah f*** it!
23 Oct 2008 - 3:16

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