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8 Oct 2005
This is one of the oddest things I've heard...

Wallace and Gromit spook island 

In Portland, rabbits are called underground mutton or furry things.

Posters for the new Wallace and Gromit film on a south coast island will not feature the word "rabbit" because of a local superstition.
Because burrowing can cause landslips in quarries, residents of Portland, Dorset, instead call the creatures underground mutton or furry things.

Posters for the new film, The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, on Portland do not use the word, to respect local folklore.

Instead they simply say "Something bunny is going on".

Les Ames, mayor of Weymouth and Portland, told BBC News that the animals could cause dangerous landslips in the quarries the isle is famous for.

"If the word rabbit is used in company in Portland there is generally a bit of a hush," he said.

"In the olden days when quarrying was done by hand, if one of these animals was seen in the area, the quarryman would pack up and go home for the day - until the safety of the area had been reconnoitred.

"It is an unwritten rule in Portland that you do not use the word rabbit."

A spokesman for Aardman Animations said they
7 Oct 2005
Oh, dear... it seems George has been hearing voices from God.

President George Bush has claimed he was told by God to invade Iraq and attack Osama bin Laden's stronghold of Afghanistan as part of a divine mission to bring peace to the Middle East, security for Israel, and a state for the Palestinians.

The President made the assertion during his first meeting with Palestinian leaders in June 2003, according to a BBC series which will be broadcast this month.

Now, initially I thought - WTF, but on reflection, but after a few well penned posts from another site I frequent (carters-world dot co dot uk), I realise just how not bad this is...

QUOTE (Herbert Fowler @ Oct 7 2005, 11:35 AM)
While some people may find this scary - that the most powerful man in the world takes orders from his imaginary friend - I sort of like the idea.  George is on a mission from God.  It's like the Blues Brothers isn't it, but on a much larger scale.  It's 106 miles to Baghdad, we've got a shit load of tanks, a half a ton of explosives, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses.

Because everybody needs somebody folks, and if Dubya is listening to God he's not listening to Rumsfeld et al.  And that has to be a good thing.

QUOTE (Edimew @ Oct 7 2005, 09:09 AM)
God's really quite a stirrer isn't he?

He tells Osama to attack the U.S and then he tells Bush to attack Iraq.

I bet he's a short bloke!
6 Jan 2005
Following on from the Hotel Rwanda thread I wonder how people feel about the News... Here are a load of questions that might help us get a feel for posts that ask us why we know or don't know what we do or should. Please answer as many as you can (even if it's only one or two), and you can be as short or as liong with your answers as you like. I'd like to debate the findings / issues raised after I've got at least 5 replies. So here goes:

1. Where do you reside?
(don't be too specific here, this is a public board)

2. How do you get your news, and how frequently?
(TV, Newspaper, Radio, Internet, Other : Daily, Weekly, Monthly, hardly ever)

3. Do you want to be / do you consider yourself well informed?
(Yes or No or Maybe)

4. What news do you want?
(Local, National, Global, Other : Business, Current Affairs, Politics, Human Interest, Social Commentary, Law&Order, Entertainment / Celebrity, Sports, Weather, Specialist, Other?)

5. What news do you get, and do you feel you're getting enough?
(Does the news cover the stories you want in enough detail, or conversely do you feel you have to wade through too much spiel to get to the few grains of information that you want / need?)

6. Do you feel you're being manipulated through what news you (don't) get and / or it's coverage?
(Is the news you're getting politically biased? Are you being lied to? Are stories getting covered fairly? Do you feel you're viewpoint is being set by what you are exposed to in the Media?)


7. What is your understanding of the following story:

Alberto Gonzales, currently the US president's chief legal adviser, has been accused of giving the green light for violent treatment of detainees, after dismissing the Geneva Conventions as "obsolete".

I choose this as it's topical, and being reported differently in the UK by different newspapers (etc). Do you feel that Gonzales is to blame? Do you feel this is another Liberal smear campaign hounding the President? Do you know about these allegations, do you know who Gonzales is? Does you news provider give opinion on this - or just report fact?

My answers (which aren't the best or the right anwers, they are just to get the ball rolling):

1. Where do you reside?

2. How do you get your news, and how frequently?
TV: BBC, ITN / Channel 4 - each day;
Newspaper: either:- The Guardian / Observer, The Independent or The Times - twice a week and at weekends, Legal Journals - monthly;
Internet: BBC Online, Reuters, Legal Journals - each day
Radio: BBC Radio 4 and World Service - every other day(ish)

3. Do you want to be / do you consider yourself well informed?
Yes, and yes(ish).

4. What news do you want?
National and World: current affairs, politics, social commentary, legal.

5. What news do you get, and do you feel you're getting enough?
I do feel that there is enough information (for what I want) out there, but it takes time to get to all of it, and I end up getting frustrated with stories that I couldn't care less about (sports and entertainment especially). Sometimes I will have to look at different papers / websites before I get the whole story, though the Beeb and the Guardian usually cover enough.

6. Do you feel you're being manipulated through what news you (don't) get and / or it's coverage?
The news is politically biased. Though to varying degrees. I find that the BBC are teh least biased of the news providers I've seen, at times I feel they could be far more critical, though that would lead them off their impartiality path. I have read articles from other papers (in particular the Mail) and I have been stunned with what I see as politicisation gone mad. Some providers even fabricating stories for political gain, and others (like Fox News) providing highly biased opinion as impartial reporting of fact. I'd like to think that I can see when I'm being manipulated, and certainly if I am, then as far as I can tell - it's more subtle than the approach taken by other providers.

7. Alberto Gonzales for Att Gen.
So far the BBC has tried to give it's hallmark as impartial as it can reporting on this matter, also the Guardian gave a fairly tame report. Though my feelings on this matter (as undoubtedly influenced through my own political bias and that presented by the likes of Alan Berlow of Salon.com) are that the Neo Cons wanted the war badly enough that Gonzales was only too happy to provide them with the loopholes (by discrediting the Geneva conventions) which did lead the way for Abu Ghraib... So here I'm actually going far further than my usual providers would in terms of political statement... perhaps I need a more radical provider?
13 Dec 2003
CrowAvenger31, Sabrina, Goddess Lyssa and nordelen

18 May 2003

I'm bored...

And this is my firstest poll evar!

It might even be the first time I've actually started a topic (other than to say hi).

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