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the monitor lizzards are coming!
36 years old
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the arse-end of no-where (ireland)
Born Dec-13-1980
rock/punk/metal/nu-metal/some other weird stuff.

playstation 2.


wondering why alot of americans seem to like ireland.

wondering if being bored out of my tiny little mind all day every day is the sum of my past, pesent, and future.

and beer.

[color=red]i am an animal spirit. lobster is my name[/color]
[color=orange]i am a devout follower of ish *genuflects at altar*[/color].
i am one of the confused. i am the pinapple
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16 Sep 2011
....but work and things got to be more important. Who am i kidding? I just got bored and lazy! Hehe!
Most People on here wont know me (or remember me), so hello, I'm Nordelen (or Nord). I'm now thirty, but i feel fifty (get outta my garden! Young whipper-snappers!). I work in a hospital lab as a dogs-body (medical lab assistant, band 2; No change in...well....anything! Hehe! BELFAST SUCKS FOR JOBS OTHER THAN MENIAL, OR BRAINBOX STANDARD). My abode is in Belfast (which is still crap; less sectarianism, but more wee ass monkies who think they can beat ya up/shake ya down for fegs because their family is IRA), i live in a "studio appartment", otherwise known as a "shoebox". Oh,yeah, i also like brackets. mmmmmm brackets! I like alcohol, which is probably apparent from my spelling. I like anime (but have never bothered with accents); i should really watch more if i claim to like it, though. i lke rock,metal,guitar,various yada yada, so hi.

Here's radom thought that i'm gonna post as a question: has anyone on here ever ben mugged by an asian person? Now, i'm not on about being fooled out of your money, because being fooled is a learning experiance. I'm on about a knife or other weapon being shown, like.
19 Apr 2008
rite; sorta back story.
ive been working as an mla (medical lab assistant, in hospitals. mla is a stand-alone job; for those who dont know it basically translates as "dogs-body",well, at least it does in N.I anyway! hehe!). full time for more than three years now. after the first year there was talk of a course being set up for mlas to be able to go on a course to improve their prospects, which would in turn let the mla to go on to degree. now, i have been in my current hospital job for nearly two years, and so far there has been no word, or even any wisppers for the last 3-4 months.
now to put this in perspective, i have been bored for a while now. there are only a few moments a month that i think that the job is alright. *NOTE* the people, including the bosses, can be sound.


additional info: currently i am a 27 yr old male with no girlfriend who lives in his mothers house.

ps: excuse the spelling, please. ive had afew.
6 Oct 2003
i recently finished the stupid little course i was on that gave me access to a computer. i dont have my own 'puter as of yet, so i wont be on here much in the next few weeks/months.
well, just thought i'd say an official "cheerie-o" to all the peeps here. real life has been catching up with me through such worries as money and bordom, so i think its time for me to get a job. damn it all to hell!
22 Sep 2003
i have been called up for jury service. yep, me, the waster. funny that, i thought dole bluddgers were'nt allowed to have a say in things like this, as we are not valid members of society. oh well. seems like i've been proved wrong once again.

its sorta odd how they went about it. they sent me a form to fill in, to confirm personal details, about 3-4 months ago. i forgot all about it when i posted it back to them. then, on wednesday, they sent me a fine for not turning up to court! fifty effing pounds! turns out that they supposedly sent me notification two weeks ago, which must have conveniantly got lost in the mail.

P.S: why do they still get people to swear on the bible?
27 Jul 2003
has anyone got any ideas as to were i could download this movie? i watched it a few years back, loved it, and tried to buy it in the stores over here for ages, but to no avail. i dont fancy buying it over the net 'coz i dont have a credit card, or a desposable income for that matter laugh.gif .
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