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4 Nov 2013
Hi everyone. This is crazy - it's gotta be six years since I last posted and near enough ten years since I was a regular round here but I *still* recognise half the user names. Madness. I guess I've missed a lot tongue.gif

I actually wrote to Mata via Facebook when drunk one night. He changed my password for me so I could access my account again. It's only taken me 18 months to get up the nerve to actually do it.

So, if anyone's still out there - how have you been?! I went to uni, left uni, got a job, learned to crochet, went back to uni (kept my job), fell out of love, fell back in love, got married (all with the same guy, oy vey). I missed this place.
13 Aug 2007
Hi, basically see above. I've been having a problem with my Network Controller - says I need to update the driver but Vista can't do it automatically or find anything online and I don't HAVE any discs that help - I haven't a clue what to do as the problem doesn't seem to be with the wireless adaptor itself (Sweex model LW050) but something else(? ).

By reading this post you may conclude that I am entirely technically incompetent. This is the correct assumption. If anyone knows what I should do and is kind enough to reply please use simple sentences tongue.gif I honestly haven't a clue what's even wrong much less how I'm meant to fix it. I just know I can't use my Wi-Fi and it took me two days just to get off my ass and move enough furniture to work out how to plug the computer directly into the modem and still reach a seat (someone else set the wireless up for me in the first place).

Help me! I've gotten used to wandering randomly with my laptop roaming (almost) all the way to the back of the garden to keep up my intake of fresh oxygen and vitamin D. Don't let me be resticted back to my squishy armchair - I like being a free-range web-usery-person!

Thanks in advance you lovely people.

Porce x
16 Mar 2005
Help! Can anyone give me the name of a site with decent street maps of the UK? I have an interview for a carer's positon at someone's house tomorrow morning and while I know where that is and I know which bus to get I can't work out which stop I'm meant to get off at without seeing a map! Argh!

Yours in hair-pulling frustration,

21 Feb 2005
My real father doesn't contact my family much...never in fact unless he's worried about the possibility of my mother screwing him out of his money. Well that's what happened a couple of days ago and he decided to call up right out of the blue when we haven't heard from him in years and he didn't even leave an address last time he moved. Basically the reason for his call was that the CSA (Child Support Agency) reveiwed his case last September when I went to uni and he stopped paying support money for me. The CSA then decided that he should be paying more for my two younger sisters (He's only been paying 30 per week for each of us since 1991) so although he doesn't pay for me any more he's now shelling out more overall.

Well he wasn't very happy about this and called to find out when my sisters will be out of education (for some reason he still has to pay if they're in college but not university) whereupon my mother told him they'd both be in education til they were at least 18 so shut up and pay up (more or less).

But the worrying bit comes in later in the conversation. He asked how we were doing and my mum told him I was now in university. He replied "Yes, I know I've seen some of her work on the internet." But the university website is locked unless you have an account and I've only ever submitted one essay via email anyways. When my mum asked him what he meant he said "Yes, I have seen her online. Her name's porcelainwarrior isn't it?" The subject was dropped but later that day my little sister decided to call him back and make it clear he wasn't to contact us again if he could avoid it. They ended up talking about it again and he said he'd searched my name online and (I'm assuming) this website popped up in the results, he knew of conversations I'd had with people, this is where he found out I'd changed my name by deed poll to get rid of his surname, a lot of stuff I just feel really uncomfortable with him knowing.

I've always used this site as a getaway and an escape, somewhere to have a laugh and a bit of banter with all the lovely people here and I've never really thought about the consequences. But now for all I know he could be reading this or searching way back and finding out all about my boyfriends, selfharming, problems with depression, anything at all that I thought I could talk about freely with people I trust.

If you are reading this Jim, stop it! Argh!

I'm done...
15 Feb 2005
I was really shocked to find out about pseudo-abortion clinics running seemingly legitimately in the UK.

The places are run by rampant pro-lifers who set up these clinics and basically lure women who are looking for private abortions in, then ambush them with loads of "alternative choices" and try to force them to change their minds. It's common for them to seperate them from their partner if they come in together as they're more vulnerable alone and it gives them a chance to work on the guy too.

One victim, a woman who had ben told she would have to wait several weeks for an NHS abortion due to them not having any beds available, was advised to go private by her GP but he wouldn't recommend anywhere so she found a clinic in a newspaper (might have been a magazine) under Health Services. The ad basically said the clinic offered non-judmental advice, support and treatment but when she turned up with her boyfriend they were seperated and she was given a (fake) test to establish how far gone she was. The people there told her she was much further gone than she actually and then laid in about her implying that it was too late and she'd have to deal with it. Then they let the couple back together and made them watch videos of women having late abortions and really really distressed them. How can that be right? Wasn't the poor woman having a tough enough time trying to make that kind of decision?

I've lost the magazine the article was in (Cosmo) but there were other stories in it about the same sort of thing, one girl's GP refused to give her abortion advice/help (they can do that on moral grounds) so pretty much the same thing happened to her in a dodgy private place. Only this girl wound up keeping her baby cause her family are all anti-abortion as was her boyfriend so she buckled and agreed to keep the baby een though she knows she is too young and doesn't think she can cope.

I'm not too sure if this opinion's gonna win me any friends but as far as I'm concerned a woman's body is her own. OK so men have the right to be parents and their opinions should be taken into account when discussing whether or not to keep the kid but for Christ's sake! Does he have to carry it? Will he have to take time out of work to give birth, recover, look after the child? At the end of the day it should be the mother's decision and no-one elses.

[random rant]

I can't stand pro-lifers. People are entitled to their opinions but some people are far too extremist. I know I'm being pretty upfront about my opinions but these people are saying "All children should be carried to term no matter what" and no-one seems to question that they have the right to go bawling that all over the place. But what if I said "All babies should be aborted"? You can bet your ass I'd be locked in the loony-bin or stabbed to death on my way home from the chippy for that one.

And when they invoke God into their arguments! Grr...don't start me on that...God gave us free will for a reason, people have choices because that's what God, Allah, Spirit, Whatever wanted. But we can only choose what they agree with or be damned to hell? I think not Flappy...

[/random rant]
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