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I LOVE MY LAWN MOWER. Ok, I'm spent.
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22 May 2006
With all the hype of Big Brother doing the rounds at the moment, I thought it would be quite amusing to do a Matazone Big Brother...

Whoever posts in this thread gets chucked into the BB house and everyone else can narrate what the hell's going on biggrin.gif

Day One

Day One In the Matazone Big Brother house....Weej is the first person to enter. Awaiting the arrival of other house mates, she consumes the contents of the fridge and picks which bed she's going nab before everyone else....
15 May 2006
For those old school Matazone peeps who may remember, MarJ (my big sister) had a baby. Well, he's about to turn two this week. He's turned into such a cutie, I wanted to share him with you lot... (Please excuse the massive picture size...)

Any resemblance? biggrin.gif

11 May 2006
H'ok, I saw this game played on another forum ages ago but I'm not 100% sure of the rules so if anyone else has heard of it please pipe up...

On the most basic level, players are divided into two groups. Wolves and humans. The wolves are able to kill someone every turn, and the playerbase as a whole are able to lynch someone else in a similar amount of time by voting. The person with the most votes will get lynched at a set time. The wolves are looking to reduce the human numbers to the same level as their own numbers. The humans are looking to exterminate all of the wolves.

From here on it becomes a psychological challenge, to try and read people, mentally disect dodgy arguments and come to conclusions based on who has wanted who dead.

Special roles are generally included. The most common of which are the Seer (who can find the identity of one player per turn), the Guardian Angel (who can protect one named player per turn from werewolf attacks) and the Masons (who are aware of each others identities from the start). Less common are the Vigilante (who can kill one player per game at any time) and the Cupid (who can declare two players to be "lovers" who die when the other does). (If this game were to take off, I doubt all those roles would be necessary)

I think someone has to sort of be in charge of the whole game to decide who lives and dies, so to speak. I also think it needs a fair few players to actually play it properly. The game doesn't really just stay in one thread, it can take place by people trying to misdirect in IM's, IRC, other threads and so on, so forth (without taking over the whole forum obviously)

As I've said...I'm a bit sketchy on how you play it, but if anyone fancies a go, post away smile.gif
9 May 2006
Anyone seen it yet? I am a complete wimp with scary films and I wanted to know if this is likely to freak me out.

I was scared of Gremlins for god's sake..... unsure.gif
9 May 2006
I've recently acquired a new mobile (Nokia 6280. I'd love to know what the random numbers represent) and I've bought a bigger memory card for it so I can listen to MP3's on the train. So far, this card has crashed my phone numerous times and it won't recognise an mp3, one of the planet's most universally used file formats...go figure. All worked fine with the old card so I've taken it out and whined to the manufacturer.

Sorry, not having much luck with customer services these days....

Anyway, i've heard a few times that us British depend on mobile phones much more than you American peeps.

Do we?

Do we all have mobiles? If so, just out of interest, what model phone do you have and what do you use it for?
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