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17 Jan 2007

How is everyone doing? I realised recently that i'd been neglecting a lot of things, matazone being one of them and it feels like ever so long that i haven't spoken to quite a few of you!! So i thought i'd change that and pop my head in and see how everyone was doing smile.gif
So, fill me in... smile.gif What has everyone been up to?? I'm finally in my last year of uni something that i never thought i'd see and still have the same work/ drink ethic i am so well known for.

6 Dec 2004
Was just wondering if anyone else seems to be drowning among paper and the likes at the moment?! *sighs*

I've got 3 essays to do for uni by this friday (well thursday because i'm working friday) - 1 Classroom management and control and 2 theology and to be honest i don't know where to start!! I've also got to make a booklet for primary children going to visit a Roman Catholic Church and well pah to that...!!
I'm hoping to have my RE booklet (-got the lesson plans done!!) and my Classroom management essay done by tonight but it seems a very far fetched target!! Especially when i've only really got the rest of today, tomorrow and thursday to do all of this!!

And to make things worse... work is really short staffed and they've got me working wednesday and friday - really tempted to pull a sicky on wednesday because i can't see myself doing all of this in time.

I thought Christmas was only meant to be stressful because of having to venture in overcrowded shops and try get presents for people in time?!

Anyway bit of a rant!! But was just wondering if anyone was in the same boat? All my friends that i live with seem to be able to rest now! Lucky gets! dry.gif

Hopefully i'll get all my work done for thursday?! huh.gif
4 Apr 2004
Just a quick topic to say that i am going home for Easter which means that i'll probably not be on the internet for 3 weeks - especially if things are the way at home like they normally are. So basically i'm saying toodle pip to everyone for 3 weeks and that i hope you all have a good Easter and eat loads of chocolate and consume a vast amout of alcohol... those that are legal wink.gif and not straight edge unsure.gif So anyway yea... Everyone have a fun Easter!! laugh.gif

*hugs everyone*

Also... can people that are going to the meet on the 15th May, please shout at me in anyway. I'm trying to sort out numbers for foodage i don't want to randomly guess and then there either be too many places or even worse people not have a place sad.gif Also have to choose where to go post food before the Wendy House etc... so would be much appriciated if i come back after 3 weeks and i am able to sort everything out in the first week back, cause i'll be going on my school placement and that will really stress me out enough. Thank you smile.gif Oh by the way we will probably end up at Pizza Hut... if anyone has any problems with Pizza Hut tell me ta smile.gif

28 Mar 2004
Last night my friends and i decided to try a new club in Leeds. After a lot of thinking we came to the conclusion that we were going to go to Heaven An Hell... that way there would be music for all of us. It was 12 to get in (so we thought) but all the drinks we going to be free so didn't seem like such a problem.

When we got there just from outside i realised that i wasn't going to like it... the music just didn't sound like my thing but i thought - hey there are 3 floors i've got to like one room right!! And Amy did say that there was a cheesey room so we queued up. Also i'd taken Amy to the Basement before and because it was really Old Skool music she didn't enjoy it so i thought i could try and enjoy this night for her. So we got in and the music - in my mind - just got worse! Hell (the ground floor) was Techno, Purgatory (the middle) was R 'n' B, and Heaven (top floor) was dance. But i thought i'd take advantage of the free drinks but that didn't really happen, and after 2 hrs of being subjected to dance i was ready to pull my hair out... i just wanted to leave!! So my friend Vicki and i did. Not such a bad night i hear you say but it wasn't finished anything but.

Everyone else got back to the hall about 2hrs later than us - now i'm a really heavy sleeper so i didn't hear anything but Chris woke me up by banging on my door. I opened the door to just be welcomed at 6am with her crying her eyes out saying it was all her fault. I managed to calm her down and she told me what happened - After Vicki and I had left they had all had a really good time still, raking in the drinks, dancing to... whatever, but as soon as they left the club, Chris and Rachel had got into an argument and Rachels boyfriend was really nasty to Chris calling her fat and everything. This really annoyed Dean (Amy's boyfriend) and when they got back to halls Dean and Ian (Rachel's Boyfirend) got into an argument which ended up in Ian having his nose broken by Dean headbutting him.

So now this morning, we have blood all over the hall, Dean was arrested - an luckily cautioned - and Ian is in hospital because his nose is that bad. Rachel has left uni, no-one knows whether it is for Easter or forever and all of us just don't know what to say to each other. We have all been up since 6am this morning and no-one really knows what to do. It was just a really messed up night that couldn't have got any worse... sad.gif

But yea... sorry i'm just ranting now an i just needed to say something... none of us know what to do. Does anyone have any suggestions?! We don't want to mess up anyones friendship with Rachel - we are meant to be all living in a house together next year!
13 Mar 2004



Hope you have a good day hun *hands you present of your choice* laugh.gif
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