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20 Oct 2012
Oct 31 2004 - CommieBastard
Oct 4 2005 - CommieBastard
Oct 23 2006 - Usurper MrTeapot
Oct 26 2007 - Novander
Oct 15 2008 - Vicatron
Oct 12 2009 - Usurper MrTeapot
Nov 1 2010 - Mata

For seven years the forums had at least a passing interest in the even known as NaNoWriMo. The chain remained unbroken, passed along bearer to bearer. And then the force known as Resistence reared its ugly head and the Fellowship of the Writers was dissolved. But now a new threat looms over Matazone and once again the brave Writers must take up arms against it.

See that? That's the kind of crap I'll be churning out next month. I've been questing for party members on IRC already and now I'm putting the call to arms on digital paper. It's real, folks. And it's here.
26 Jan 2010
I was messing about on my phone yesterday and I finally got around to actually personalizing the ringers for my speed dial. But then I got this neat idea to try. I'm making everyone pick their ringer. Instead of choosing a song or sound that I think will remind me of them, I'm allowing them to decide what I hear when they call. Of course, I immediately thought about you folks.

So! If you could pick one song or tone to permanently represent you whenever you called someone, what would it be?
15 Oct 2008
It's halfway through October. Next month is November. And you all know what that means.


Yes, that's right. The month where insane people of all sorts come together to bang out 50,000 word novels. I plan on participating and, unlike last year, actually succeeding. I know candice is planning on joining me. Anyone else going to take up the challenge?

Look at that! A viking helmet this year! It's too awesome NOT to participate!
10 Sep 2008
So, to begin, thanks for taking a look at this. I appreciate anyone giving me any help they can. I figured if anyone online could help me, it'd be you guys.

My problem happened like this. I ran Spybot S&D because it'd been such a long time since I had and I'm a bad person. It ran, I fixed the problems and immunized. Then! it wanted me to update. And I did. When that was done, I think I turned off my computer and went about my day. Cue me returning to it later that evening. I log on, it gets to the wallpaper, then logs me off. I proceed to do that a few more times before trying with the guest account. No luck.

When I Googled my problem, it seems like a lot of people have had it. It's either from a malware problem OR from the Spybot update. Apparently when you update it, if you don't uninstall the previous version and delete al of the folders, it breaks something in the registry, which is what's giving me my trouble. This has been the most informative link so far.

All of the solutions call for a CD of some kind; the OS CD for a repair console or another one that allows you to get into the registry without logging in to your computer. I may have misunderstood this, but please correct me if I have. So here's where I come to you.

My CD drive hasn't worked for some unknown amount of time. I did try to use the Windows CD and the computer started, the drive light flickered and flashed, and it spun around. But nothing. What can I do, if anything at all? Or should I just kiss everything goodbye and save up for a new computer?
19 Feb 2008
Howdy folks! I have a favor I'd like to ask of you. I'm taking a Sociology class and our professor wants us to do surveys this year and whatnot. So to introduce us to it, he wants us to give a preliminary survey just to see how it's done and how it will go. So, if you would, I'd really appreciate as many people filling this out as possible. That is, if you're comfortable putting all this stuff down on the forums. Then again, who am I to argue that you're not an astronaut or President of the US?

1. What is your job/occupation?
2. What is the highest level of your education?
3. What do you do for recreation?
4. What is your favorite meal/thing to eat?
5. What are your religious and political preferences?
6. Where do you prefer to go on vacation?
7. Where do you live and what do you live in?
8. How is your yard decorated?

So, in closing, I appreciate any and all information you guys can give me. Thanks a lot!
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