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29 Nov 2005
The Graveyard Show starts midnight GMT this Sat/Sun.

www.urn1350.net listen online, go to the chat room and send us free webtexts throughout the night, we've proven we will play anything and give a shout out to anyone.

Just one more time, thats 00.00 - 06.00 GMT This and every Sunday at www.urn1350.net

cheers, we need listeners so feel free to spread the word.

This is a spin off from a few weeks ago when I spammed these boards like crazy when my mate did 40 hours solidly on URN for charity. She survived (albeit vomiting between tracks for the last hour), thanks to everyone who listened.We got a decent listenership and rasied a bucketful for Children in Need. It's very much appreciated.
24 Jul 2003
Emmas 12, one of my sisters friends. Shes always been the kid you think is odd, and definitly not right. As she went round kicking anyone in sight and dragging people to the floor kicking their heads in. She couldnever see anything from a point of view other than her own, she never could distinguish between right and wrong and this is from the age of about 4.

Now shes a pre-teen. A rebelious one no end. As her mum as dragging her out of Ronnies on a firday night, breezer in hand. As she lied to her teachers saying "You don;t knwo what its like, my dad beats me up". As she boasts about how much sh*t shes pumping into her body. As she shags anything with legs. She hits her mum, destroys other peoples property. She got excluded from lunchtimes at primary school because the dinner ladies had enough of the abuse.

Her mum is on the verge of breakdown, she feels like shes to blame, the other children although not angels you can think of them as being normal for their age range. Nicola is a scallie alwasy in trouble at school for make up or the skirt to short, nothing major, shes just a wind up merchant. Amy is a diva, little and blonde and knows how to be centre stage, but shes not bad. Jamies typical biy. always play fighting. He still chinks when he laughs. Then theres Emma.

Her mum took her to the doctors, she a teacher, she knows kids. She said that this isnt normal for a pre teen. The doctor said she couldnt control a teenager and gave her a leaflet. Shes on the verge of breakdown.

Emma got scooped into an ambulence last night, shes in hospital now with alcoholic poisoning. Her mums in tears, her dad can't believe it. They know they need help and no one is there to provide it. The doctor doesn't believe Emma is a problem. Social services can't help. The family is being torn apart by one child, who no one can help and shes not to keen on helping herself.

Wheres it going to end? When shes killed her liver? Will someone notice that she has issues? Will her mum just give her up? I know that won't happen. At the moment the only ending isnt going t obe a happy one. Its too long to have been a phase. And yet the health authority won't even refer her to a psychiatrist.
19 Jul 2003
The little sister is 12, 6 years younger than me but she is taller than me and keeps hitting me. I hold back thinking I am going to land her in hospital if I retaliate (Im an all or nothing person) but she is starting to bloody hurt. Is it time I tought her a lesson or should I keep leaving it and not retaliating. Shes my little sister and I still feel defensive of her but she really is violent at the moment. I would never start on her but I am getting tired of just sitting there as she is hurting me. VIki has just swung a microphone around her head and strated hitting my wrist with it. I can still feel where the mesh hit, im getting bruising and its all swollena dn my wrist aint moving the way it meant to (But iguess I aint majorly fecked coz I am typing). The actual incident doesnt bother me to much, apart from the unprovoked violence she came out with, it was more the way she then started kicking me in the head and all down the same arm when I was on the floor. Its the way shes now piss taking coz I started swearing back at her and the way he gloating and boasting "its only plastic..." Fair enough if it was flimsy stuff but it wasnt. It was solid plastic. I honestly dont think I can live with viki anymore. We are swapping bedrooms in september if I move to uni so she gets the bigger one and she ripped down all the wallpaper in her current bedroom, not bothering abuot the fact she only has a few weeks left in it, that we dont have the money to decorate and I liked tha room the way it was and were going to keep it that way.
16 Jul 2003
Im addicted to Harry Potter. I read the books and depite not thinking they were the best things since sliced bread the storyline has captured me. Not so much what has happened but what I think is going to happen. I know this probably ain't normal for an 18 year old girl but I mustnt be alone. Anyone had an obsession of something they dont actually think is all that great. I had it with Randall and Hopkirk [deceased] a while a go but thankfully that passed and my bank balence is healthier for it.
16 Jul 2003
I have spent my whole life in Bury and Bolton. Its what I know. I am used to a bus to manchester and oing to Lousies on a Tuesday night. I know my Brownies,have good mates and love the area but Ive accepted a place at Nottingham uni. Ive always wanted to go to Manchester but decided to move away instead and now Im regretting the decision. I dont know what to do. Should I leave it a year and re apply, should I go regardless, try it in the hope I like it? When I first meet people face to face I am the ultimate introvert. I find it really hard to make friends and I am so scared that when I get to uni I am going to be a bill. I know all this is probably just apprehension but as mush as I rant about the place I love Bury, sure it aint the best town in the world. But its my town.
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