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Prince Aries
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Music, Movies, Video games, BOYS!! I'm a dork, what can I say? ^_^

Aspiring writer. Go me.
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27 Jan 2005
2004 was an amazing year but it wasn't without it's fair share of craptacular games.

My vote is: Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude.

This game was un-freaking-believable. It could've been funny and had so so gameplay and it would've been ok. And I'll admit....I did laugh a few times. And even quoted. But still......bland gameplay (most of it revolving around "conversations" in which you, as a sperm, dodge things....fun) and a horrible excuse for boobies do not a good game make.

There's only one things worse then this.

The Guy Game.

People....If one more game like this gets made, I'm going to go on a frenzy with the developers. Whenever game designers make crap like this, it makes baby jesus weep.

What are your thoughts?
25 Dec 2004
Greetings and salutations, ladies und gentlemen.

***I LIVE!!!***

I'm on the worst computer on the worst connection ever, but I couldn't help popping in and saying hello.

I miss you guys sooooooo much! *squishies*

I really do mean it when I say expect to see Aries as a regular again. And then the fear can begin. Bwahahah. Or some such.

Anyway, I'll have access to the internet all weekend so I'll peek in from time to time and get caught up on everything I've missed, which I'm sure is a lot. Fill me in if you like. (insert innuendo laced rebuttal here _______.)

Anyway, love love and all that peachy-ness. Talk to you all again soon.

-Aries aka "Captain Penis"
7 Sep 2004
First off, just let me say......sorry. I know I promised to return a lot quicker this time but...things have not quite worked out exactly as I might have wanted them too. But here's a small update on me.

Two days after moving I was pulled over by a local cop for having a loud car or something. Well he noticed that my license was suspended and I had no insurance. So instead of hauling me off to jail like he was supposed to, he took my license, gave me ungodly amounts of fines and a court date. Thankfully the court date went well and I have a happy payment plan to pay these things off.

Because of the loss of my license I was no longer able to drive so I also lost my job at Nordstrom's because of that. It took me a few weeks to get another job, this time at Mcdonald's...which I never went to because I had to be there at 4:30 am and I had to walk 40 some minutes to get there. Soooo...I'm still unemployed...both my significant otra and myself are. So the money situation...not so hot.

I've been missing you guys severely, you have *NO* idea. *sniffles* But, I'm playing my cards right and I think I might be able to get internet darn soon. I'm at the public library today with Ratt. Teh win, if ever I heard one.

So Aries sends out loves and kissies and missies and all sorts of other plural cutesy words that induce bile your way. Ta for now, and I hope to see you all soon.

~Aries Grand Mastah Pimp Trash
13 Jul 2004
So. Some of us couldn't make it to the WC Meet. When I thought about a few of the people who had WANTED to go, but couldn't, I realized something.

A good portion of us were from Central US and Canada.

So you know what that means, children?

How do we feel about a Central US/Canada Matazone Meet? This is an idea my slave *cough* e-husband Tigersong and I have formulated. I mean, it just makes sense. Anyone remotely NEAR these areas who might be interested, throw your thoughts here into this thread. It's definitely something worth thinking about no?

Plus, maybe I could *FINALLY* meet some of you people! (On a side note, I find it sad that I live so close to Missy and have yet to go down there and harass her.....terribly sad, isn't it? I'm coming for you Missy! biggrin.gif)

Anyway, thoughts, comments, perversions, whatever. Here. Type. Now.
7 Jul 2004
I've had the pleasure (and in some cases not mentioned here, extreme DISpleasure) of viewing quite a large number of anime titles lately and I figured I'd share some recommendations here. Because I can. And I'm bored. So roll with it, kiddies.

1) Someday's Dreamers - I cannot recommend this title enough. It's about how, in present day Tokyo, there are people called Mages who can wield the Special Power. Magic, more or less. The government has set up a Department of Mages type thing and mages go through training and become registered Mages with the government and are only allowed to use their powers on behalf of an Official Request. Anyone can request these and after approval, the assigned mage will do their best to fulfill the request. This story follows Yume, a simply countral gal heading into Tokyo for her Summer training. Surprisingly, the show focuses a LOT less on the whole Mage thing and more on the human stories involved. Characters hold back using their powers because there's always a "better way". It may not sound the greatest, but give it a chance. The show is well written and very nicely paced, and even tear jerking an episode or two. Highly recommended.

2) Azumanga Daioh - Pure, irreverent Japanese crack. That's all I can say. Any show where they have intermissions of one of the main characters cooking and singing in a REALLY cute voice.....yeah. It's cute, it's saccarin, it's giving me tooth aches. Yatta. This show follows the stories of a very interesting group of high school students.

3) Cosplay Complex - Fanservice. Of the WORST kind. Cute anime girls dress up like our favorite anime characters for their school club. An italian exchange student dresses up as walls, idols, you name it, in order to get the true love of little girls so desperately seeks, only to be "taken severe advantage of" by an older widow. Noses bleed, milkies bounce, Aries runs crying. Can't get enough of it.
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