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1 Oct 2006
Because when I am, I write villanelles about Dread Cthulhu. And nobody needs that.

That is not dead which can eternal lie
It rises! Hark! It rises from the deep!
And with strange aeons even death may die

A blood-red moon lurks above the sky!
Maddened hounds scamper through the street!
That is not dead which can eternal lie.

From shadows do we hear a bestial cry!
Dark miasma creeps up from the ‘neath!
And with strange aeons even death may die.

Glimpsed in mirrors, one single blood-red eye
Thoughts of murder haunt us in our sleep!
That is not dead which can eternal lie.

Heaven’s mercy mocked and made a lie!
From foul Innsmouth eerie creatures creep!
And with strange aeons even death may die.

The clever and the wise sought just to die,
We bold and stupid no such reward will reap.
That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons even death may die.

My first villanelle! Though I took some liberties with the rhyme scheme. I think that my first attempt at every poetry form should be a Mythos poem. They're great fun.
31 Aug 2006
Hey, everybody. I'm back.

I don't know for how long; maybe I'll stick around. I never did an official "leaving" thing, that I can remember, so maybe we can pretend the last year or so didn't happen? That'd be neat.

I'm mainly back because, tonight, I'm very drunk and I've spent most of it thinking about Dayan. About whom I hadn't thought in a while. And it occurred to me that almost everybody I knew who knew him and loved him as I did was here. And I haven't spoken to a lot of you in a while; and this place was sort of my home for a couple of years; and I just thought it would be nice if I wandered back in and check the place out. There are a lot of memories here for me.

How are you all? Anybody remember me? Who doesn't - who's new? Say hi!
28 Dec 2005
Craig Murray, the former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan, has been trying to expose the government's complicity with the Uzbek regime in obtaining information through the use of torture.

Apparently, the government (at least, the Foreign Office) is well aware that it relies on information gained from Uzbek torture chambers, and continues both to do so and to attempt to hide the truth of the matter from the public.

I understand that the meeting decided to continue to obtain the Uzbek torture material. I understand that the principal argument deployed was that the intelligence material disguises the precise source, ie it does not ordinarily reveal the name of the individual who is tortured. Indeed this is true – the material is marked with a euphemism such as "From detainee debriefing." The argument runs that if the individual is not named, we cannot prove that he was tortured.

I will not attempt to hide my utter contempt for such casuistry, nor my shame that I work in and organisation where colleagues would resort to it to justify torture. I have dealt with hundreds of individual cases of political or religious prisoners in Uzbekistan, and I have met with very few where torture, as defined in the UN convention, was not employed. When my then DHM raised the question with the CIA head of station 15 months ago, he readily acknowledged torture was deployed in obtaining intelligence.

A simple Google of "craig murray torture" reveals a lot of other pages on the same subject.

Any thoughts?
30 Oct 2005
Years ago, on my old 486, I had a really cool application which would show you exactly what was in the sky from a given location at any given date and time. It would also give you information on all the astral bodies when you passed the mouse over it - its name and designation, when it would rise and set that day, stuff like that. Does anybody know where I can get something like that again?
20 Oct 2005
Some guys I know have started a roleplaying games company, and as of today the website for their first game, Edgewalkers, is up. Most of the information about the game world is still to be found in the forums. Anyone interested in roleplaying games, please do check it out!

(incidentally, if you look in the fiction section of the forums, there's a few short vignettes by yours truly *plugplugplug*)
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