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14 Aug 2008
Note that this is the first time I have even attempted to write a book so there may be some errors in it. Please give criticism on it so that I can improve it.

Chapter One:
I was running through the woods as fast as my legs could carry me, followed only by a gruesome looking beast which stalked me through the lonely woods which seemed to be at a dangerously close distance.

As I peered behind myself, I caught a glimpse of the beast's frighteningly sickening appearance; it was at least seven foot tall and it's skin had a repulsive green tinge to it which looked only too much like vomit.

As it gave an almighty roar I could not help but notice the perfectly filed teeth which seemed perfect for ripping the body of an enemy open and then watching as the life was slowly drained away from it.

It seemed to be getting darker as I was being chased and it was only then that I began to realise that I had been running for at least an hour. With this acknowledgment came a wake of sleepiness and also a thought that told me I may not escape.

Running through the woods I was able to feel the breath of the beast tickling the back of my neck in a cloud of slime, this seemed to be the only driving force which kept my legs moving through the woods.

The beast moved swiftly, gliding between the tree-trunks at an abnormal speed. The only thing ale to keep me ahead of it was the thought that was going into my running as I chose the right moments to change direction in an attempt to confuse the beast.

Once again I glanced behind myself to make a judgment on the distance that I had between myself and the beast; I seemed to be gaining distance and with this came the confidence that told me I might just be able to escape from the dangers.

I began to plan ahead, specifically to the action I would take when I was no longer able to see the beast give chase behind me.

Would I continue to run in fear of the beast rejoining me in it's stride or would...-

I was distracted from my train of thought as I rejoined reality and noticed my legs were collapsing underneath me. I panicked. Frantically trying to get on my feet once more and then I realised that I had tripped over a log as I was thinking that I had escaped from the beast.

In the corner of my mind, I was able to realise that I could still make it away if I ran quick enough. I climbed to my feet and began to feel an all too familiar pungent breath on my neck.

Before I was able to react to the beast's presence, the beast was on top of me. Swinging it's dangerously sharp claws which seeked only to draw every last drop of blood from my veins.

As the beast rose to give me a deafening blow, I was able to roll from beneath it to open land.

I glanced around myself and noticed the wall of trees forming a circle around me, seemingly protecting the exit from anyone who dare leave.

It reminded me of the arena where my mother had taken me many times before, and where I had witnessed the last breath of many man being sucked from their lifeless bodies.

I abandoned this train of though and rejoined the reality of the situation around me as I saw the beast giving me a threatening look. As it done this I was able to grasp my sword from it's sheath which had been sitting uselessly at my waist until this moment. As I lifted it into the air it reflected the light of the moon which done nothing to help the fears I was having.

The beast began to bound towards the spot where I rested with the same speed I had seen being used earlier that same night.

I lifted the sword and gave an almighty swing at the beast and for a moment it seemed to have connected beautifully with the torso of the beast.

A shiver ran through my body as I realised that the sword had barely damaged the thick skin of the beast.

It roared once more, almost seemingly to mock my best attempts at destroying it. It's teeth glinted dangerously in the moon, similar to how my sword had done a short while ago, only these showed greater potential to take the life of it's enemys.

The beast prepared for it's final attack once more and as I looked for a way to escape, it seemed only too real that the beast was determined not to make the same mistake twice and I was trapped.

Immediately as I turned, I felt a rip at my throat and I began to feel the gushing of a liquid which I knew only too well as blood.

I had already begun to realise that the fight was over when it lowered it's head and began to set those razor sharp teeth to work on my body as I began to feel more and more deadly wounds appear on my flesh.

Through this ordeal, I began to hear a heavenly voice beckon me from the troubles I was in.

It began to whisper my name to me in my ear.

"Ares," it said.

As I began to contemplate that I was being beckoned into the afterlife, the scene around me began to fade and I was no longer able to feel the beasts deathly grip on me.

The voice seemed only to get louder and louder, commanding me to come out of my dreamlike state.

I woke.
10 Apr 2008
Anyway, this is the first time I have really asked for any help online. So anyway, here's a little background to what I think led to a suppposed eating disorder.

After last summer, a lot of my friends started drinking a lot more and this really annoyed me because they were becoming really unreliable. Much like my dad had while he was an alcoholic, he walked out on my family. So that basically triggered like a depression sort of thing for around 5 months, maybe more of when I was constantly feeling down and harmed myself a few times when it was really bad.

During the 5 months I had stopped eating as much and lost a lot of weight and I also got semi-somnia which is a form of insomnia brought on by stress. Lately coming up to exams when I have been really stressed, I have stopped eating again, usually about one meal a day and possibly a few snacks because I usually feel sick f I eat any more than that. I am something like 2 stone underweight and I am constantly stressed. It's coming up to my GCSE's in a few weeks and for anyone outside the UK, they are pretty much the deciding exams for what the rest of my life is like, so I could be doing without all these problems.

So if anyone could help me with a) What I might have and b)How I can help get rid of it.
I don't like the idea of going to the doctors so that's pretty much ruled out for now.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
16 Oct 2007
I noticed there were no Halloween topics and I thought I should try to get the fun of the event going for Matazonians!!!

I was just wondering if anyone had any good parties going on that they would like to boast about, or maybe just getting drunk in any old place. Also what is everyone dressing up as, because I had the idea of a ninja but if anyone puts a better idea up without copyrighting it on me I could always steal the idea.

Anyway, my plan was to dress up as a ninja and go around terrorising the place or if there is any good parties going on with my friends. biggrin.gif

What are all you people going to be up to then?
15 Sep 2007
I'm often on the computer and most of the time quite bored, it has to be an issue with other people like.

So I discovered the brilliance of MMORPG's, and I was wondering does anyone know any really good ones that are free, online and completely download free. I've already checked out RuneScape etc. but it has to many member only feature and that puts the game down, so I was wondering if any of you computer geeks no any. Sorry for any offence at the geeks word, but sure, I'm a geek on the inside too tongue.gif

14 Sep 2007
When I clicked on the link, I was expecting to see a topic where you could put your art up for the world to see and judge, I'll start up by putting one of my drawings up. PLease people say what you like and dislike about it, although try not to hurt people's feeling if they put a lot of effort into something you are just going to diss.

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