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14 Jan 2008
I got my lobes pierced again (second holes), and a labret stud about a week ago. The labret is now fine, but I'm a little worried about the lobes - my original lobe piercings are stretched to the gauge above the standard piercing gauge - I don't know the numbers because I didn't do it deliberately - I bought some nice earrings and they happened to have a thicker bar so I spoke to a friend who had hers stretched and she said just put them in. The stretching was all healed and stuff about 2 months before I got my new holes done.

So now, obviously, my brand new lobe ones are a bit scabby. They're still bleeding/weeping and stuff but I'm cleaning the whole area twice a day, with sterile saline, and they're not infected or anything, they're healing nicely.

Now, here's where it gets weird - my ORIGINAL lobe ones smell funny. There's no bacterial infection, and they haven't gone necrotic, but they're weeping slightly from inside, and if I don't clean them once every couple of days, there's this cheesy smell which comes off on the earrings (and my hands). I'm working on the principle of hey, there's a new wound right next to them, it's probably just stuff coming through from there, but the new ones don't smell funny and the old ones never smelled at all when I first got them done. I'm basically keeping them clean, and sterilising the earrings I'm wearing in them once every couple of days, but I'm a lil bit worried about it. Has this happened to anyone else before? Any advice?
22 Sep 2006
Yes, I know there's already a thread for this, but it's old and filled with things that no-one will bother to read through tongue.gif

I'm a guild member of the guild Roses of Dawn, started out as a Diablo 2 clan a good five years ago. We were in the ULGD, we were a hugely well-known guild in Dark Age of Camelot, the majority of the hib/prd guild officers and members in DAoC went on to join us in Star Wars Galaxies, and now we're one of the biggest guilds on the Europe servers in WoW. We are a very nice guild. We have a sponsored application process and very strict rules about swearing and niceness and stuff. Our gulid motto is For Fun and Friendship. our time in WoW is looking likely to be coming to an end soon and Guild Wars is looking to be the next likely candidate. </background>

RoD is run by my stepmum, and my dad is an officer. This means, that whilst I get automatic membership to Roses, I also have no opportunity to *not* be in Roses. I love my dad dearly, and Roses is a great guild with a lovely bunch of people, but I find my stepmum a little hard to deal with sometimes. I am also a little fed up of (due to the fact I can't play online games at mum's and I'm only at dad's once a fortnight atm), being constantly treated like a noob by the people who only joined Roses in WoW, and having my dad and stepmum know more people then me and more about the games than me. It basically means that all of the decent people on our server treat me like a kind, even though I'm often older than them, just because I'm Astrakhan's daughter and Mymosa's stepdaughter and they play with "M and A" all the time.

I have just bought Guild Wars, having tested it on my dad's account and loved it, and I'm thinking I'd quite like to move on slightly before they do and see about maybe not being in Roses this time (And not having my stepmother constantly looking over my shoulder). I'm going to Uni, so I should be able to get a reasonable amount of playtime in. What happened to the Matazone guild? Did it die? And if so, are there any decent guilds worth joining on the European servers? I'm not averse to being unguilded, but it is kinda nice to have friends and things so you're not constantly in dodgy pickup groups. I don't play PvP.
17 Aug 2006
My mum and I would both kinda like to do some recording of us singing and playing instruments, and as such, we're looking into getting some recording equipment. I have used an mp3 recorder to record my stuff for GCSE/AS music, so I kinda know how they work, and I do have a MIDI enabled keyboard, but I'm really not sure beyond that what to use, how much to spend, where to go, or frankly, what I'm doing.

Has anyone got any suggestions or advice/help around the topic?
17 Aug 2006
Gonna go right into it and say: Who cares what my results were? I got into Imperial happy.gif
3 Jul 2006
I made a birthday card for my dad, and I'm really pleased with the way it came out, so I thought I'd subject you lot to it tongue.gif :

The front was done with chalks (which I think may be my new favourite medium), black fineliner and the curly things you can just see on the corners are from a set of embellishment stickers.

I can't get the closeup of the cross to work, but when I can, I'll post it properly dry.gif

I also did a celtic-y style font for the "Happy Birthday" in the middle, with some illumintion down the side in the form of a boarder. I think some of the letters turned out a bit blobby - I don't have a very fine pen, so they looked better in pencil (and to be honest, I sketch better than I draw anyway), but otherwise- yay card! happy.gif
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