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11 Dec 2006
Hey guys, it's been a while! Sorry I haven't dropped in to see you all before now; my life took a bit of a change of direction after I went to uni, and I haven't been so heavily involved in the internet since.

The reason I'm stopping by is to say: Oh no! The Matazone Wikipedia article is up for deletion. Matazone is not notable enough to merit a Wikipedia page apparently. sad.gif

Now, this is probably true, though it pains me to say it, but it's still not a bad article and I don't have the figures for the number of hits Matazone gets, so I think there's good cause for keeping it. So if any of you are involved with Wikipedia, do you reckon you could go over to Matazone's Article For Deletion page and vote against it being deleted?

Thanks guys, hope to see some of you around (I think I'll be coming to the January Meet!).

15 Sep 2005
Hi everyone. I haven't posted on here for a while because the internet was sucking up way too much of my time. This is going to be the only thread in which I post because I don't want to get re-addicted to Matazone just as I'm starting Uni. I have to compulsively check Gmail every half hour, so you can see how it might be risky for me to be involved in dozens of threads, all of which might get updated at any time and therefore need checking constantly.

But! I do still want to start this one thread off because it's on a subject that's been bugging me for a while, and Matazone is the best place on the Internet to air your dirty philosophical laundry. The subject, as the thread title indicates, is: should we have a welfare system to help people who cannot help themselves?

A slightly less elegant, but more precise, way of putting that question is: should we, as a country and through taxation, provide pensions, education, healthcare, nourishment, housing and more for people who do not have the money to provide all of those things for themselves? These people can include the homeless, the temporarily jobless, the long-term unemployed, the feckless, the criminal, the unfortunate, the sickly, the mentally ill, single parents, newly-weds, children, and many other sorts of people, because all sorts of people receive state support. I want to know who, if anyone, should be eligible for what support, if any, and why. It's extremely important to me that you justify your opinions.

Please, no silly demonising of certain social groups. And, for the sake of whatever gods you believe in, let's not make this a discussion about anarchy, abortion or Bush. Keep it on topic, keep it sensible, keep it lucid and keep it down your bra 'cause no-one ever looks there.

And now you probably want my opinions. Well ha! More fool you! I changed my mind and now I'm not going to tell you them until I've heard a bit from you lot. I know arachnidoc and Commie will give us some of our most diverse opinions wink.gif , but I want to hear from as many people as possible. I'm sure there's a lot to be said on the topic. And if there isn't? Well, more fool me!
23 Apr 2005
The issue of the Euro has reared its head very little during the election campaign in the UK, though I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because Michael Howard doesn't want to associate himself with the disaster that was the Tories at the last election (remember that awful 'Keep The Pound' campaign?), maybe the other parties think it's a bit of a vote-loser. We may discuss that later, but my main question for this thread is as follows:

How much do you value your country's independence and sovereignty? Would you care if part, or most, of it was given up for various reasons? Much of Europe has decided to give away some of its sovereignty in order to get the benefits of a economic and political security, but would you, or do you, accept it for your country? Would you support leaving the UN to preserve your country's independence; would you support your State from leaving the Union to escape the clutches of the federal government of America; would you try to get Britain out of the EU before we are sucked into a federal superstate? Would it matter to you?

Personally, I can't see what all the fuss is about preserving our sovereignty and 'identity'. Did you know that most of our 'identities' were invented during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries? They're just constructs; imaginings. I can't understand why people are so attached to notions of 'England', or 'America', or 'Texas', when there are plenty of places that are extremely similar - if not identical - to these. And I really don't get why people are so attached to individual items or features - like a currency - or to landscapes - like the English countryside, which actually looks an awful lot like the Irish countryside, and which is mostly covered in horrible suburbs and chavs.

Perhaps someone could explain to me what it's all about. In the meantime, give us your musings on national identity, patriotism, the EU, the UN and whatever. I'd like to hear what people say, and especially what justifications they give.
16 Apr 2005
Well, not an emergency as such. I have recently come into the possession of unspecified quantities of cannabis. I am sitting here (in the Netherlands, if the police inquire at a later date) trying to find a way to prepare for consumption (to help relieve the terrible pain of terminal cancer, again if the police inquire) but am without cigarette papers. Also, I am completely opposed to smoking as it is a horrendous occupation and got me into this terrible cancer mess in the first place. tongue.gif

So if anyone has any ideas - particularly relating to simple-to-prepare dishes and infusions - I would be most glad. Cannabis tea seems a feasible option, but alack! I can find no proper instructions for its preparation. Many thanks, I know I'm among experts.
14 Apr 2005
My laptop computer has been waylaid by viruses recently. I'm using Windows XP and it's been getting worse and worse. Is there anyone who knows how to defeat the vile things, and could you tell me how to give you the information you need to diagnose my problems?
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