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12 Jun 2006
So my boyfriend bought me a PS2 while I've been on vacation as a welcome-home surprise (not much of a surprise, considering I'm still in Europe, but still). I'm totally grateful for the gift but I have NO idea what kind of games I would use on it, 'cept maybe Guitar Hero and DDR, which is what I wanted it for in the first place.

So, I need recommendations for games for someone who is:

1. not into violence
2. not spectacularly good at console games (as in, nothing too hard to get decent at please)
3. too busy to spend tons of time grinding through tedious parts of games or unlocking special features

I have no idea if that actually, uh, leaves any games left. But I figured it's worth asking. wink.gif
16 Dec 2005
Per tradition, here's the holiday greetings thread - give your shout-outs, thanksgivings, and new year's cheer here!

Mata, Happy Holidays from the forumites! There's a donation for a little over $20 USD for you that I just PayPal-ed. As in years past, put it towards something fun! Thanks for another year.

1 Sep 2005
Usually I don't just hand out money to peoples on the internet who beg with a PayPal button, but I'm making an exception today because I know this girl.

She's one of the hardest-working people I know, and smart. She was home-schooled and took the GED test while the rest of us were sleeping through middle school. She worked to save up the money to go to university and managed to get a number of small scholarships to offset the costs.

But the university has just royally screwed her over:

"Guess who has no tuition waivers for fall due to the Bursarís Office and the Scholarsí Office getting their wires crossed?

Yeah, thatís right. This chick.

So I have no student aid for this semester. Meaning I owe the university $3153.57. This bill is due on Sept. 15. I canít afford to pay it, unless one of three things happens:
1) I get a student loan
2) Divine intervention
3) The kindness of strangers prevails

Student loans are hellacious as far as interest goes. And I donít yet know if theyíll even give me one.

Please help me. I need to be able to pay the bursar so that I can keep going to school and get my degree in chemical engineering/biotech. Any amount will help, no matter how smallÖat this point, every cent counts. (Iím going out later to collect pennies from the fountains around campus.)

I am now an internet beggar. But if this is what it takes to get through college, Iím willing to abandon all sense of shame."

If anyone is willing to help, please do. I can personally vouch for her, the money is going to pay an impending bursar bill. Her family doesn't have any money and her mother has been ill with cancer for the past year. A few dollars here or there would help.

The link to donate is here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/rainmaiden/344002.html
8 Aug 2005
The opinion columns of American newspapers have been buzzing about popular opinion on this ever since Sandra Day O'Connor retired and John G. Roberts Jr was appointed to the Supreme Court.

Questions for consideration:

Are you generally for or against abortion? What are your reasons for it, and what possible exceptions do you allow?

What are the ramifications of continuing legalized abortion? What are the ramifications of abolishing it?

Whose decision is it that a woman should have an abortion in various situations? (hers, the partner's, her parents)

It's a sensitive topic, so please be considerate when posting your opinion so as to be non-offensive as possible, thank you.
30 May 2005
So, I've decided to learn Linux. In my future career (management information systems) it's more than a bit useful to know about, but it isn't something they actually teach courses on at my university. So I think the most direct way of making myself learn is to have one of the distributions installed on my computer, I tend to learn best from doing.

Anyway, I've had trouble getting very useful reviews/explanations of various distros from the internet. Every distro has its fanatics and it's hard to find any information about what might be best for beginners, or useful for teaching, or easiest to install, etc.

So yeah. Help. I know that a few of you have had at least some experience with it.
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