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27 May 2004
If we are to accept the idea of stateism, how can we prevent those who rule us from not representing the best interests of the masses? Now, far be it from me to tell everyone to overthrow their governments and replace them with egalitarian and leaderless communes tongue.gif , although I probably have on countless occasions, but surely we cannot deny that states do go wrong sometimes. With serious examples like Hitler's Germany or China under Mao Tse Tsung and less serious examples like America under the Bush jr administration. If these examples prove at least a mild tendancy for states to betray the masses, surely in order for the people to accept the state we need some sort of way to affect the direction of our collective vehicle. Democracy as we know it is only a very weak method for control of the state, it is not abolute, and it can be perverted with relative ease. We shouldn't not forget that two of the above examples occured in democratic states, and totalitarian China occured in an egalitarian state... where everyone was, at least economically speaking, equal.

How do you keep a country from going off the rails beyond democratic elections every four or so years? Is it nesissary to even attempt it? Is a strong democracy simply the only answer?
2 Apr 2004
Well, I'm sure some of you remember me in here trying to find writers for a new magazine.... three months and alot of work later, I give you CRHU.com

April issue came out last night whilst I was asleep and The Netherlands Bureau was awake, and like the small infant I am, I got up extra early and ran downstairs like a wee bairn on christmas morning.

Anyway, thoughts, opinions, queries? This is the thread.

Anyone with work they want to contribute should contact submissions@CRHU.com
27 Jan 2004
I have two friends, one I have known for years, perhaps my closest friend up until a few months ago, the other I've only known for a few months. The one I havn't known for long is going completely insane, I just got off the phone to him, and whist he was in high spirits as always, he ranted gibberish at me in an excited manner. He's been giving me the shits lately, having ripped me off for a moderate sum of money without me being able to prove it, having started to some how drag my other friend behind him in that spiralling abyss of madness... Not to mention that the more I get to know him the more I feel that he's a complete twat, as well as completely insane.

My best friend (perhaps not anymore) seems to have taken a strong liking to the other, they are good friends I'm assuming, they both say so. But he too seems to be going crazy, calling me up for the sole reason to explain to me that I take drugs in the 'wrong' way, a very patronising conversation, all the while I've been watching his mind come apart at the seams, caring less and less and he gets more and more patronisingly mystical.

Neither, I think, realize just how badly they've been rubbing me up the wrong way. And whilst I continue to indulge my vices, I choose to less and less around them.

The fact is, I would not give a damn if they would just leave me alone, because both have insulted, patronised, ripped me off and been general pricks to me almost beyond redemption. Yet they persist in trying to remain on friendly terms with me. As people, I like them both, but they both seem to think they know what's best for me and everyone else, when they don't even know what's best for themselves. I'm about to act in a very blunt manner the next time either offends me, and I'm wondering if that's the right thing to do given the situation. I've spoken to long time friends of both, and they agree with me, should I just let them know I've had it and that they should either bugger off or quit being annoying?

I've already resigned to the fact that both are on the road to terminal drug psychosis, and I don't really give a damn, they both deserve it for being damn fools. I suppose I should try to give them 'the talk' but after them giving me the same treatment a few weeks ago it's going to fall on deaf ears. Hell, they might even start calling me crazy.

Honestly, on a social level they are getting under my skin, on a psychological level I feel that the only thing I can do is stay quiet and work with the remains. And after weighing it all up, I don't think either have been good enough friends to me for me to be a good enough friend to pull them out of the holes they've dug themselves in. Is that ruthless? Should I be more compassionate?

Well... advice?
18 Jan 2004
Ok, firstly, I'm in desperate need of journalists, we're pressed for content and need people to write political articles, but also music, literature, social commentary.

The mag's name is The Continental Riot House Underground, a monthly based magazine working out of The Netherlands and Australia, but with a global focus. Anyone, I mean anyone who can write and has an interest in changing the world through media for the better had best sign up.

Anything would be appriciated. There are no submission guidelines, but this is a serious political magazine and it's going to be run properly. Articles may be edited and turned down. We need content but I'm not willing to compromise readership for it.

Pretty heavy, huh?

But that's the way it is. We can't even offer money at the moment, for articles. I'm sorry, we intend to pay as soon as we can make the magazine pay. And that's a big ask on it's own. So, being the nut that I am, I'm begging anyone who has the time, skill and belief to put pen to paper and submit.

Anyway, even if you can't, would you be willing to read a monthly publication, if it meant that you would have to download a document? Possibly in publisher or Adobe Acrobat. Also, is the feeling shared that the world is heading for some sort of terrible doom at the rate that it's going?

The philosophy is, if we don't say something, no one will. And thus I am asking for help, in anything related to the mag. Advice, articles... ANYTHING.

Thanks, I hope.

My e-mail is juiceisgodisjesusandyourenot@go.com.

Or reply here.
18 Jan 2004
Well kids, it's that time of year again. The rules are simple, write a suitable continuation to the previous part of the story, and indicate which bit of you post is part of the story and which is off topic. Also, cut and paste the story so far in your post, it doesn't have to be in a quote box, but it should be there for ease of reading.

Firstly, it is possible that the below posts will contain coarse language, or not, I don't know what other people will post...

I'll start...


It had been a long night, it was bitingly cold out and the sun hadn't come up yet. I looked out along the valley, the full moon was enough light to see, although not to pick up any details. The grass ran as far as the eye could see in all directions.


Well, that's not much, but it's enough to get you creative people thinking, so write!
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