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24 Jan 2012
Hi. I suck at making decisions and want some advice.

*edit* Whoops, this is a personal concern isn't it? Can a mod move it?

I've been in my current job (software development) for 2 years and don't know what to do next.

I mostly like my job, but I work with really awful code using really awful tools and the way products are managed within the company is terrible. There is one application in particular I'm responsible for that is a maintenance nightmare, and it's basically impossible to guarantee the kind of quality customers expect, due to how it's been developed in the past, and how the company continues to operate. This makes me sad.

Today I was told that if I was interested in becoming a technical lead, there may be room for me to take over managing this software. I basically said no, but that I would think about it. I said that the responsibilities of the role weren't very well defined, and my impression from what the current guy does is not good (lots of external pressure to get things done on unreasonable time scales, then dealing with the fallout when things inevitably break). The idea of leading a team doesn't bother me so much as all the BS from other teams/customers I'd have to deal with. So I don't really want to do it, but I can't tell if I'm really blowing things out of proportion because people stuff scares me. I feel like I'm just not assertive or patient enough to deal with that kind of thing and it would all go horribly wrong.

I've also been thinking about jumping ship entirely and finding something that's more interesting technically and has a more reasonable working environment. I want to work uninterrupted on a single project at a time, instead of juggling lots of little things. I like being involved in design decisions as well as programming, and I really like reviewing stuff and collaborating on things. What is my ideal job? Am I being too unrealistic?

How do I even look for a job that is worth applying to? I've looked at some job sites a bit but all the ads by agencies convey so little useful information about what the job involves. The whole idea of job hunting is so unpleasant that I've just been putting it off for ages. I'm comfortable in my current role but I don't see much opportunity to learn new things there. It's complicated by the fact that my current job doesn't offer much marketable technical experience, due to us using a stupid scripting language that nobody else uses, so if I went for some generic Java job I would fail all the stupid checklist items they ask for.
28 Aug 2011
I own zero current gen games consoles and am thinking of buying one. But I'm not really sure what I want.

  • I'd like to maximise enjoyment per spent on console+games.
  • Ideally I'd want to plug in a monitor (I don't own or want a TV). From what I can gather this is not easy with the Wii/ps3 but xbox360 accepts VGA?
  • I'm not interested in social type games like wii sports and guitar hero that don't have a strong single player component. Not sure about multiplayer/xbox live type deals.
  • I will give up quite quickly on anything with a steep difficulty curve

To give an idea of what kind of games I like: the following games have provided much awesomeness in the past -

  • System Shock 2
  • Portal 1 & 2
  • Half life 1 & 2
  • Beyond Good and Evil
  • Braid (indie puzzle platformer)
  • vvvvvv (indie platformer)
  • The Neverhood (point and click adventure)
  • The Longest Journey (adventure)
  • Doom
  • Lemmings
  • Roller Coaster Tycoon
  • Command and Conquer series

  • New Super Mario Bros

  • We heart Katamari
  • Ico

  • Rayman
  • Oddworld: Abes Oddyssey
  • Crazy Taxi

  • Friggin Sonic the Hedgehog. All of them.
  • Cool Spot (platformer)

  • Zelda Ocarina of Time

  • Zelda Link to the Past

Please provide ingredients for achieving similar results with the new console.

Thank you for assistance!
30 May 2010
Several of my close friends apparently do not know to spell "would've". Where do I hide the bodies?
28 May 2010
Is this awesome, or is this awesome? *hint* it is pretty damned awesome
7 Sep 2009
So I'm about to start my first real job and I'm planning to rent a flat in london (where the job is) ph34r.gif

I stayed at home with my family while at uni so I'm totally clueless about the whole thing...

Anybody got any advice? If you have any tips about what to look for when looking for flats, what questions to ask potential landlords etc. that would be really helpful smile.gif
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