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Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we."
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22 Aug 2008
So I know I'm on and off here a lot but I really do value your opinions! Besides, name a better place to go to get an opinion on London Universities! laugh.gif

So here's the deal, I'm in my last year of college at Boston University in the states and I'm looking for a masters program to complete in London when I'm through. I've looked at a couple one year masters programs at the University of London that I may give a go but I would really appreciate anyone's opinion on where to apply! The main thing I'm looking for is a program in medical sciences, I'm not positive about the concentration yet but I'm flexible!

My main hope is to eventually become a doctor specializing in prenatal genetics -- not baby modification but helping detect/treat genetic conditions/syndromes. If not that, then I'd like to work for doctors without borders in Morocco one day. So whatever degree program I choose should be geared towards the medical field.

Anyways -- has anyone heard anything particularly good/bad from a students standpoint? There's only so much information I can gather from a website!

Thanks for your help guys! smile.gif
4 May 2008
So a while ago my laptop monitor got smashed into itty bitty pieces. I know that the rest of the computer works because I hooked it up to an old desktop monitor and was able to access all my files and such.

But how do I replace the screen to my laptop? Would it be cheaper to buy a new one? Any advice?

Thanks guys laugh.gif
14 Apr 2008
The little rules of filing tax returns are stupid. If you donate to a charity and make a six figure income you can get half of what you donated back, if you donate to a charity and make what the IRS apparently considers a negligible income you get squat. (please note these figures aren't absolutely exact but they are close)

So this summer I donated my time, my resources, and more money than I technically had to this charity but as I am of low income I do not receive any money back. This would normally not bug me, granted it has put a lot of financial strain on my shoulders but when I was going over my taxes with the person filing them and found this loop hole I must say I was a bit pissed. I didn't even get a penny. Lame. Very, very lame.

I understand that, perhaps, this method is meant to discourage people from incurring such large amounts of debt (i.e. don't give out money that you don't have). For example, don't take out a cash advance on a credit card if you know it will take you a while to pay back; the government frowns on having this negative sign show up in their calculations. However, this approach to tax refunding I find creates a general sense of falsehood. Individuals receiving high incomes often donate to charities not for the sole purpose of giving to those in need but for the incentive that they will receive money half of their money back all the while earning a gold star next to their name without feeling the financial strain of their gift. Similarly low income families become discouraged and fail to donate to charities as they seem only to be punished for their good deeds. This creates a sense of loathing and malcontent of the lower middle class families of America; it has become apparent to them that the government does not wish to sacrifice its precious money. However, the government is willing to spend billions on a politically incorrect war that infringes upon many of the laws of the Geneva Convention because they believe it is for a greater good. But really its only purpose is to spread the impressive authority and purity (I'm being sarcastic) of the American government; actions similar yet uncouth to those of the Suez Canal Crisis in which the American government 'first' (as noted in my text) exercised power reasoned by an "Because I said so," and "I'm better than you" complex. I realize this rant may appear to have gone a bit off topic but really it comes down to the fact that our government just wants money and power and is not afraid to step on those already suffering to obtain what it desires.

No I'm not crazy, just really frustrated. I know this may have gone into personal concerns but I also see it as a political issue. I know one of the independent candidates running for president was speaking of eliminating all the little taxes, and tax returns. Instead, there would be a 30% government sales tax on everything you buy (already included in the price) plus whatever state taxes are added on. This, according to his theory would reduce the prices of goods and prevent people from having to pay more or get more back at the end of the year. A hypothetically equal approach to taxing -- yet the plan doesn't take into account 'taxation without representation.' I'm not saying that this is a better theory, I'm just offering it as another perspective.

Any thoughts for reforms?

Sorry for the rant. smile.gif
21 Feb 2008
So this May I will be going back to London for several reasons. First, there is a boy tongue.gif Second, I will be rowing (hopefully) in the Royal Henley and the Reading regatta. Third, I should be doing some sort of internship this summer/taking a class or two.

I'm so excited! I hope to find some good grad schools to look at while I'm there as well -- which would be awesome.

Sorry if this thread is spamlike -- I just couldn't control my excitement =). rolleyes.gif biggrin.gif

Does anyone here regularly go to the Henley?
27 Jun 2007
So I was walking up our front steps into my house, and I just got back from the gym, to find my laptop on the floor of my living room...in pieces...
The worst part? My father was walking around the room acting like nothing had happened asking me where the remote was. mad.gif When I asked him what the heck happened to my laptop he looked at it and said "oh, the cats got to it, where's the remote?"

Somehow, my cats managed to get a hold my laptop and broke not the actual screen but whatever is behind it...looks quite odd actually. The CD rom was knocked out of the laptop and had a few pieces hanging off of it, it won't start up or shut down it's just in this constant weird looking state.... and I know absolutely nothing about computers!!

I could go have it repaired, but after paying for my trip I'm completely broke! sad.gif Sorry, just needed to vent a little...

stupid kitties...

it's too bad they're so damn adorable
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