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5 May 2004
A week ago tuesday I pulled my left quad playing frisbee. That night I had fencing, and tore it really badly.

The next day, a week ago today, we had a frisbee game against BC High.

I crawled off the feild in tears, dragging my body along the astro-turf. I couldn't use my left leg at all. It was completely destroyed at the time. I didn't even think it would ever get better.

Last saturday it started to feel better. Then I hurt it again biking. I also went over the handlebars and ripped up my knee (don't ask a store to tweak your breaks....no matter how lazy you're feeling...always do it yourself unless you have no idea what you're doing.)

So now I've been using a crutch for the past few days. Luckily the frisbee game today against Hingham was cancelled, because I would have utterly annhilated it.

If I take it easy for a little while it should get better.

Just an update, if anyone cares.

Love ya.
25 Apr 2004
if you're into the whole AD&D thing, then you've hit the jackpot. it's, like, the best online RPG I've found...it's very true to the rules and online it's easy to RP...plus it's free.

check it out if you feel like it, my account is acidteardrop (duh...) if you want someone to show you around. I'm usually on the Newbies Welcome server (it's near the top)

friendly place. check it out sometime.
25 Apr 2004
go to icantfindmysheep.com

it's a friend of mine's band that I met over Neverwinter Nights. it's kerazy as all hell, kind of a cross between techno and ska, but with a little something else thrown in.

and one of their songs make fun of bush. 'nuff said.
15 Apr 2004
I found an old favorite of mine while going through my really old history...


the all your base video...I got all nostalgiac.

good times.

no they weren't, but we can pretend.
15 Apr 2004
the other day I was driving along with some people, and it was about sunset. It was a gorgeous evening, I must say, with the trees just hiding all but the top of the sun, and the sky alight with hues of lavender, scarlet, gold, and flame-orange. The foreground, mixed with the trees behind and the skyline in the back created a three level effect, much like in games (i.e. super mario world, the three speed screen scrolling). Of course my mind would revert to video games, and without thinking I said aloud, "The resolution on the background is incredible!" I didn't realize that I was IRL until someone tapped me on the shoulder and said, "You are the biggest geek I've ever met." I pulled up to the side of the road, stone faced, stared forward for a second, and everyone, myself included, exploded with raucious laughter. Best moment of my weekend.

Anyone else have an incurrence like this? Something that happens, either you do or say that proves your absolute geekdom.

I recall another incident when I was but six. I was carousing in the yard, as children often do, after it had just rained. My mother scolded me not to jump in puddles.
A little background before I continue, I played Super Mario World avidly back then. My every day began when I got home and powered on my Super Nintendo, Mario cartridge plugged in, and relaxed to the soothing view of 16-bit graphics. My sisters played too, and whenever one of us would fall, we would always say, "But I pushed jump," as an excuse to why we died.
So here I was, playing in the wet ground, and we are told to get in the car, we were going to whereever. Immediately I turned and stepped in a puddle. My mother screamed at me, and when asked why I did it I said:
"But I pushed jump!"
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