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Sarah the Spider
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Matazone. Books. Bracelets. Music. Magenta Hair Dye. Care Bears. Hello Kitty. Taoism. Donnie Darko. Poetry. Jack and Sally. Spiders. Faeries. Peter Pan. Kill Bill. Anime. Eyeliner. Blogging. Drawing. Glowsticks. Iowa. Asia. Heaven.

sometimes beautiful people have to fade away,
or their light would blind us all.

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Sarah the Spider

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13 Oct 2005
Hello all.

It's been a really long time since I have been here--it would take a particularly old soul to remember me, but that is of little importance to my post. tongue.gif

I have recently heard that recycling paper and cardboard is more wasteful than just throwing them away. I would like to know more about this, because I want to be a responsible...um...stuff...user. blink.gif

Any help? I like recycling, but if it's doing more harm than good then I would really rather just swallow my pride and chunk it in the trash can... sleep.gif

7 Jul 2004
I've had this saved on my computer for a while now; it was supposed to be the introduction to a short story I never wrote. Go figure. dry.gif Anyway, I was wondering what you all thought of it. I don't know what to DO with it. I'm not as morbid as this suggests...well, hey, I probably am actually, but...just read it. laugh.gif

He didn’t kill her out of hatred. In fact, it was quite the contrary. It was because he loved her. Once, anyway. Slowly, the beautiful and sacred thing between them began to falter. It never fell apart, and there was never any true tension. He felt it in little things, the common things that happen everyday. They were the very things that caused him to fall in love with her. He began to notice the way the inflection in her voice changed even when there was no emotional climax in a story, the way she wore her hair down in the wind and had to pull it away from her mouth and neck every few minutes. The one thing that he noticed the most regretfully, however, was the way she felt under him on those long nights. How he knew her so well, the way she moved and the things she whispered…yet somehow didn’t know her at all. It was envy and loneliness and creeping self-doubt on his mind as he touched her these nights, and little else. He loved Natalie, he really did…but he loathed the things that made her who she was. It was a bitter, swelling feeling that could not be ignored. It simply had to be brought to the surface.
30 Jun 2004
My brother and I have been playing The Suffering for PS2 for about a week and a half now, and although I was hesitant at first, I <3 it now. We've beaten it with two of the three possible endings, so we just have one more to go. Has anyone else played this game? What do you think? It's pretty disturbing, but after the first dozen or so horrible freaks, I basically got desensitized into not getting too wigged out. laugh.gif I thought the monsters were creative, the storyline was pretty interesting to figure out, and the gameplay graphics were just...wow.

Happy fun evil prison games. Huzzah. smile.gif
23 Mar 2004

You never seem to notice things
When they're right there in plain sight.
You'd rather fight your windmills
And live in your dreams each night.
You don't see me standing here,
One foot from your face.
You talk to me and smile,
Then you're gone without a trace.
When you fall you don't thank me
Once I lift you from the ground.
You laugh with the one who tripped you,
And I walk away without a sound.
It's never me you're thinking of,
Though you know I'm always near.
You'd rather see other, greater things
Than the good things that are right here.
14 Mar 2004
Wow. This movie had me really really confused...and slightly terrified of corn and people from Mississippi. If you have seen it...Did you like it? If you have not seen it and plan to...Pay very very close attention to every single thing in this movie. Even the beginning of it. Moments that seem like nothing sort of aren't nothing. Blargh...Me head hurts...


And be prepared to see Johnny Depp in braces. Oh yeah...he's still hot. /girlishness laugh.gif
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