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like peppermint aftertaste
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obsessive computer use, pixy stixs, chocolate, hot chocolate
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30 Jan 2005
Just wanted to post this because I was quite happy with the way it turned out. I basically did everything myself for this print, developing negatives, sandwiching negatives, then printing it myself. Lucky me that I've got a darkroom at school, eh? I've still got to go back and spot it (which means that the little white dots will go away) but I think it's nifty anyway.

(If you click it, you can see it bigger. Actual size, it's 5x7 inches.)

I kidnapped Medae as my model for one of the negatives, and the other one I took of clouds.

(Used ImageShack to host it, because it's free and I'm cheap.)
3 Nov 2004
So I'm having one of those mornings. dry.gif I wake up early and discover that Nevada has been called for Bush, and that the rest of the election just isn't looking good. I've only had four and a half hours of sleep. I also woke up with a scratchy throat and runny nose. Obviously the makings of a cold. But I suck it up and go to school, where I run into multiple Bush supporters. I go to photography class, where I'm about a roll and a half of film behind. So I leave to take pictures. I'm taking pictures, catching up, feeling slightly less ill, when I lock my keys in the car. Luckily I have my cell phone in my pocket and I spend the rest of the class time waiting for my mother to (hopefully) bring me keys. She finds a valet key to the car at home, and comes and unlocks the door for me. By this time I'm already late for my next class, which I'm suppose to have a chapter test in. It's biology and it's been a rather difficult chapter. Because I was standing around outside, I didn't get a chance to study. Additionally I have grammar exercise for my English class that haven't been finished.

Instead of going to classes, I cut my losses and got my mom to tell the office that I have an appointment. I'm now at home. Bleh. I'm thinking that if this day gets any worse, I'll just go to bed and hope tomorrow's better. Mind, it's only 10:40ish in the morning where I am.
2 Nov 2004
So about a half hour to forty five minutes ago, my entire area lost power. I was out shopping at the time, and they closed the stores. On my way home I noticed that the polling place had no lights on either.

Lets see....electronic polling.

....No power....


Despite the fact that the power's come back on now, I can't help but be paranoid and suspect that it'll go out again later.
30 Oct 2004
I can't be bothered to make seperate threads for these, since I might actually increase my post count that way. tongue.gif So without further ado: two poems!

words (a poem)

so these words live on my tongue
like peppermint aftertaste
and when i lick my lips
they flare and burn
but unless you want them
i'll swallow them down
and wait for indigestion
because i cannot spit them out
perhaps i could breathe them
or even speak them
but they live on my tongue
and i've grown too attached to them
to merely throw them away
like cheap trinkets fit for anyone
but i could give them to you
if you really want them


I wake now,
not from sleep
but from apathy.
The day was dulled and indistinct,
faded at the edges
and ragged like an old photograph.
Too much caffeine and too little sleep;
I have been driving in a fog,
these familiar paths obscured,
and your face unrecognizable.
Your words reached my ears
like a badly dubbed movie-
your mouth stoped moving
before the sound arrived.
And as I surface into clarity
I know it is not fair
to you, nor me,
that I am living through this shroud.
But I only wish that you would confess
to what even I can see,
because it might give me a reason to awaken my still slumbering heart.
16 Aug 2004
So I was in this summer program in July, right. And I took a metals class, and our first assignment was to make a belt buckle. So when I got back to my dorm room, I was going oh god, ideas....ideas..... and wondering exactly what I could put on a belt buckle and still be able to wear it. So while I'm thinking, I'm unpacking my clothes, and suddenly I come across my stash of matazone shirts and go whoa! I should make a Mr. Snaffleburger belt buckle and then 1) impress everyone with my amazing (new found) metal working skills and 2) use it to convert more matazonians!

So after two and a half weeks of work on it, I finally finished! (Then eventually I got home, scanned it, and found a site to host it with) And now: The Mr. Snaffleburger belt buckle

Mind you, too much sweat and frustration went into this for me to part with it. So what everyone ought to do is convince Mata that this would be really nifty for him to mass produce and sell to everyone else. laugh.gif

It occured to me that I ought to have braved the creepy basement computer lab at my summer program and asked before borrowing Mr. Snaffleburger and I really hope Mata doesn't hunt me down and hang me by my toenails for it or something else equally painful. unsure.gif ::insert me begging for mercy here::
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