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11 Jan 2004
I only do rhyming poems, I can't make other kids work...

The smile you see upon my face,
It isn't really cheer,
It doesn't express happyness,
It's fake and insincere.
I look happy on the outside.
But inside I weep.
I'm filled with pain and lonelyness,
I cry myself to sleep.
Although it may seem so,
I'm not really grinning,
The happy spark tries to fight,
But I know it isn't winning
So when you see a smile on my face,
Know everything's not alright.
The happyness upon my face,
Won't be there tonight.
Instead it'll be the real me,
The one who wears a mask all day,
To seem not so angry and depressed.
To seem not so bleak and gray.

Not the greatest, doesn't make good sense...

I'm afraid of mirrors,
Afraid of what I'll see,
Afraid of what will be standing there,
Looking back at me.
I walk into the bathroom,
And look the other way,
I can't stand the tought of what I am,
And that it's here to stay.
I've given up on make-up,
I've given up on guys,
I've given up on words of comfort,
In the end they're all just lies.
I have so many pretty friends,
All visions of beauty,
I can't help but to look at them,
With anger and envy.
I'm afraid of mirrors,
Afraid of what I'll see,
Afraid of what will be standing there,
Afraid of what is me.

A Goodbye Kiss
They went to a party and started to drink,
No one ever stopped to think.
Soon it was time for them to depart,
They chose to drive, it wasn't smart.
They thought going fast would be great,
By the time he pressed the brakes, it was too late.
They swerved and smashed into a rail.
Three of them hurt, one to jail.
She lay on the road like a broken doll,
They needed help, who would call?
Tubes and machines everywhere,
Flowers and cards from those who care.
He kisses her silently and sheds a tear,
Her time to go is almost here.
They were together for quite a while,
Those who saw them together couldn't help but smile.
She was his baby, he was her life,
They were destined to be husband and wife.
Now it was over as quick as a blink,
Her life at an end, because of a drink.
She chokes and takes her final breath,
Then closes her eyes and accepts death.
He starts to cry, and whispers her name,
But she was gone, a drink to blame.

My favortie poem I ever wrote was that one, you can see how bad I am at poems.
11 Dec 2003
"Oh, so you're not REALLY sisters, she's only your half sister."

When people say that type of thing to me, I could (and do) slap them. So what? If you ran a paternity test, her dad wont be biologically the same as mine. But we have the same father. My dad is her dad. Her dad is my dad. I hate it when I'm classified as the 'half-sister' or when people say to my dad that she's not his REAL daughter. To me, the man who raises the child is the father, not the man who gave the child life.
10 Dec 2003
It's my birthday! Yippee! Birthdays are the best. But I got killer birthday bumps, it hurt so bad... biggrin.gif
2 Dec 2003
I love reading books! Any books, really. I love criminal law books. I am at an advanced level for my age reading. So, any suggestions, authors or books?

Please don't suggest LOTR, I haven't read them, and I wont.
30 Nov 2003
So yeah.. Hi! I'm Ocean!, I've been coming to this site for a while and decided to join the forum. I love forums! W00t! Well.. Watch out for me, I scare people. Heh...
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