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I'm a music education major at Morehead State University. I play the flute in concert band and piccolo in the marching band. Apart from music, I like to read about theoretical astrophysics and Einsteinian theory...
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8 Aug 2004
Yeah, I'm still here. tongue.gif

I've been gone for the past week teaching at a band camp just an hour south of Cincinnati in a pretty isolated, backwoods town in Kentucky. It's a small band, only 23 people on field aside from 5 girls in the color guard, and 3 people in the front pit percussion ensemble. They're all really young kids that have next to no confidence and don't really know that there are great ensembles out in the world because most of them have never really left their home town.

Anywho, my ahhh moment is in reference to this one particular kid in the band. Stereotypical geek to the core. Whiny, prepubescent voice, freckles, braces, glasses, skinny, clumsy, socially inept, and likes to talk about irrelevant personal stuff WAY too often. He's never played an instrument before and never marched - total band virgin. He just wants to march so bad because his sister did when he was younger. He got his braces two days ago on the same day he got his first saxophone. So we taught him how to put it together, make sound, finger a few notes, etc.

Even through all that, he has the best attitude of anyone in the entire band. He wants to be there, and even though he can't quite sync his body with his brain, he trys really hard to be as good as he can be. From a staff perspective, this is how we want all of them to be during rehearsal. It's awesome when even just one person is...

I of all the staff members have been the one consistently there pushing him to be better - and always subtly encouraged better social graces along the way just to help adjust him to being less socially awkward. And as frustrating as it has been at times this week, he came up to me after rehearsal on the last day, thanked me and gave me a huge hug.

And at that moment it was just like, "Ahhh....this is why I want to teach. This is it."

So now that I've shared my nice little ahhhh moment, what are yours? What have been the times when you've done something or had something happen to you where all you could do was stand back for a second and go ahhh?
25 May 2004
Okay, so I've been gone for about three weeks since school got out because I've been helping my mother unpack our crap here at the new condo. In this time, she had to have some repairs made to her car, so while we were over by all of the car dealerships, we just decided to take mine in as well.

My car is a 1999 Toyota Corolla, so it isn't that old. I had bought it about a year and a half ago, and it had previously been owned by some guy that didn't really care about it. When I got it, it over steered and shook a wee bit at high speeds, but it wasn't anything too big since I had just gotten it. So now that I've had it, I change the oil religiously and keep everything operating as smoothly as I can. But in the past few months, the thing has started shaking like a hairless dog on a cold day whenever I get up to 65, and whenever the heater is turned on high, it makes this awful buzzing noise.

So I take it in to the shop on Saturday and get a call about it yesterday:

In the heater, they found napkins, toothpicks, money, and a plastic spoon among other relatively large objects. So now they have to order a new heater. Way to rack my bill up another couple hundred bucks dry.gif

Now, I can see maybe pennies or something falling into the vents, but a napkin doesn't just magically fall into a car vent. Neither does a plastic spoon. dry.gif

What sort of twisted bastard puts napkins into a heating vent???

Ugh...so moral of the story for everyone: don't shove random things into important parts of your car.
22 Feb 2004
This is something I wrote last semester for my creative "essay" in HON102, or Age of Classicism.

We had gotten to talking about morality, and our professor brought up an episode of Star Trek in which a group of aliens give a human an ultimatem: Either kill this one person to spare the rest of the earth, or don't kill them and let the aliens obliterate the planet. It got me thinking, so I figured I could draw it out with some nice imagery, allusions, and symbolism...

It needs some sprucing up grammatically, I think, but I still like it. Sort of lengthy, but don't let that stop you!


11 Feb 2004

You know that we all love you very much!
*puts a pink feather boa around him and then dances like crazy*

Have a great birthday, dear!

5 Dec 2003
I've been lingering around the forums for a few months and have recently decided to join out of apathy for the members of my other forum and their particularly rigid views on religion. I've always loved how everyone here is so open-minded, so I finally decided to join.
The forum I've been on (Kentucky/Tennessee Marching Arts Message Boards) is actually powered by Invision Power Board as well, so I'm not a noob to the format or how things within the forum actually work. I just want to get to know people!

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