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31 Mar 2004
Casshern Trailer

I have no clue what the movie is about, but so help me g-d I am going to find a subbed copy for myself. That looked freaking awsome.


Come, laugh maniacally and cavort with me!

*prances around room laughing*

edit: I thought about editing this, but its appropriate. Beware high-test turkish coffee. *resumes cavorting*
14 Mar 2004
So I wake from a sunday afternoon nap, and I hear a guy yelling at a girl and said girl screaming bloody murder(had left bedroom window open). Someone left their TV on too loud, I figure.

This goes on for a minute, then a thud I felt through the walls, the girl screams louder than ever.

Jesus fking christ!

I grab my cell, and step outside to find where the trouble is in my building. I find two police cars, officers scrambling around my complex trying to find which room the fight is comming from.

An officer says something into her radio, and stands astride a door with gun drawn. I went inside, none of my business anymore.

So I am sitting here writting this, trying my darndest not to overhear these people outside my door. This girl I know in my building is in tears, and some guy is laughing while the cops yell at him.

This is the sort of thing the shakes the flower child in me to the core.


I'm tempted to go over later and ask the girl if there is anything she needs, but I feel I've been to nosey already. sniff.

thin mint cookies aren't making me feel better.
14 Mar 2004
Read this first

then watch this

They better not screw this one up, or else the ghost of Asimov is going to kick some ass.
13 Mar 2004
I was listening to NPR this morning, and they were talking about Cricket. Now, I know this is very sterotypical for an american to ask but...

What on earth is that game about? From the little I've read/seen it looks like a cross between baseball and Quiditch from "Harry Potter".

Enlighten me, please. Before not knowing eats me alive.
11 Mar 2004

My name is David, and I am looking for someone to adopt me. I don't require much attention, and can keep myself entertained far too easy. I'm housebroken, and I get along with children. Please wuv me *puppy eyes*

Oh oh and I just bought four boxes of Girl Scout Cookies, Thin Mints for everybody!!

Here are a few things any potential adopter person should know about me

1) I'm a bit too cheerful and bouncy (it wierds some people out)
2) I hate bugs, hate hate hate them.
3) When a bug or something icky gets on me I flip out and flail my arms like a schoolgirl. I may or may not squeal.

-=- This just happened today, a little glimpse into my little world -=-

So I'm sitting in my favorite class this afternoon, gothic literature. We're discussing Hoffman's "The Sandman" and how it relates to Blade Runner. As usual, everyone is generally entertained.

I look over and see a girl I know just staring at me with this horrified look on her face. Did I have something on my shirt? Was my nose running or something?

She sees me return her stare, and she says very loudly (during discussion) "DAVID YOU HAVE A HUGE SPIDER ON YOUR NECK!" Discussion stops, everyone looks at me with a mix of amusement and fear. Of course I don't see everyone, I am busy spazzing out in my chair, desperetly trying to locate this uber death spider of biting pain. Someone mentions something about it being a fuzzie, I breath, look in my lap, and see a black spider shapped fuzzie.

<spider with big pointy venom fangs>


So picture me sitting there, pumped full of adrenaline, blushing furiously, with everyone either smirking or giving me a commiserating look. And a girl I was flirting with was in the class too. Argh. But she thought it was cute I hope.

Sigh, just another day in my life. ^^


So thats pretty much me in a nutshell. I can tell by my browsing I'm not alone in my strangeness. I look forward to meeting you all.

Love, David
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