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6 Nov 2014
I've still got 75 posts to make before I overtake Cheese Is Funny, in my intermittent quest to bump up my post count. So now I'm resorting to a spam thread, but I'm going to make it at least mildly worth the time. So I'm going to do some crap spoilers. There's only two rules: First, it has to be something that the whole world probably already knows, so no telling us the end to a new film or anything. Second, there's no second rule.

Here goes:

In Titanic, the boat sinks.

One down, 74 more to go...
26 Jun 2009
I was watching the news late last night and I was shocked to hear of the death of a famous celebrity.

Their career started in the mid 60's and through the next couple of decades their fame and fortune knew no bounds. It all started to go sour towards the 90's and nobody has heard or seen much of them in many a year, save for the odd picture in those celebrity dross magazines showing off their latest bout of failed plastic surgery.

Yesterday, they passed away. I'm sure you are all with me in prayer for this fallen idol.

RIP Farrah Fawcett.

Oh, and some dude called Michael Jackson died as well.
13 Jan 2009
As one or two of you may have picked up on already, my car is due to be replaced very soon. As a result, I've been engaging with several car manufacturers' sales brochures to see what I can get for my money. So I'm looking at the brochure for the newer version of the car I have already, and I came across this little nugget of utter desperation to sell it:

Love at first sight.

Creating a car which combines flexibility and practicality with a striking and unmistakable design is no easy task, but take just one look at the Touran and you will fall in love. The design of its front catches the eye immediately and will make your heart beat just a little bit faster, while the dynamic design extends over its sleek bodylines to the rear tailgate with striking rear light clusters. With design features like these, itís hard not to admire its stylish beauty.

So am I looking at a festival of gorgeousness in the shape of a grand tourer like a Lambo, Ferrari or Aston Martin? Nope. I'm looking at one of these.

Now it's hard to know where to start when pulling this apart, but I'll give it a go. Sleek and dynamic design? It's a bloody van with seats and windows! Attractive?? Okay, it doesn't engage the gag reflex on first view, but it's hardly a looker. And what's this with the tail lights? They get more than one mention. I think the writer has a bottom fetish. And to be fair, the only time my car has ever caused my heart to beat a little bit faster was when I unwittingly overtook a copper at a touch over the speed limit innocent.gif

So I dedicate this thread to sales blurb which is either exaggerated, unwarranted or just blatant fibs. Anyone got any others?
13 Nov 2008
I appreciate that this may initially come over as a bit daft, but I'm pretty serious about this one. As far as I'm concerned, the fact that Inky hasn't yet been given mod status is a serious oversight. So I'm opening the polls: Should Inky become a moderator?

When making your decision, please bear in mind that he's been here for a long time and he's always been welcoming and friendly to all-comers, has been very generous with his music collection and has always been a beacon of rationality and good humour. A better mod there is not, and I'm including myself in that.

If, by the end of November, there's a majority yes decision, then I'll personally lobby Mata for this to happen. And by that I mean I'll badger the poor bloke incessantly until he caves in biggrin.gif

Please cast your vote now. And if you have any comments to support your vote (good or bad) then please post them.
12 Jun 2008
Some of you will be looking at this and thinking, "What the heck is that Leo playing at? It's not Friday yet!", and in theory you'd be right. Except it is, and you're wrong. In that mythical place of the future, also known as the South Pacific, it's Friday right now, so technically it's relevant.

Anyway, enough of the wittering. As we all may or may not know, Friday the 13th isn't just a series of progressively dreadful horror films, but an amalgamation of two separate fears.

The number 13 is, as most people know, considered unlucky because there were 13 people at the last supper, the 13th guest being Judas. The extent of this superstition is so that there is an official term, triskaidekaphobia, which is certainly unlucky for any poor sod who has this phobia and has to spell it!

Friday is considered an unlucky day to do many things, including getting married, having a haircut, moving house or giving birth. This comes from the notion that many bad things happened on Fridays:
  • Adam and Eve ate the apple
  • Jesus was crucified
  • In Muslim cultures, it was the day Adam was created
  • In Britain, it was the day all hangings used to take place

So, the two together are quite a potent combination for bad things to occur. So much so that some people have a phobia of the day itself - paraskevidekatriaphobia. Phew!

So why am I telling you all this? Basically, because I want to conduct an experiment, to ultimately prove or disprove whether this superstition has any grounds.

I want everyone who has something unlucky happen to them today to tell us about it. Maybe you lost some money, or got fired, or got hit by a passing light aircraft. Whatever bad luck you had, big or small, I want to hear about it.

Conversely, and somewhat perversely, I'd also like to hear about any good luck you had. Perhaps you found some money, got hired, or escaped being hit by a light aircraft due to some freak weather condition. Again, whether it's finding a penny or winning the lottery, I want to hear about it.

It doesn't even have to be this Friday. Any tales, good or bad, of any Friday 13th, it's all good.

But the condition is, it has to happen on Friday 13th.
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I agree, Lo. The League of ISH would never align themselves with Guantanamo. That's NESS territory, is that ;)
5 Feb 2009 - 16:38
So I'm watching the Daily Show and they're interviewing someone about Guontonimo (I know I spelled that wrong) and they're like, "So the government told them to make it 'Geneva-convention-ISH" and I start thinking, "I don't think the league of ISH would approve of that usage of ISH"...thanks for making it where I can't hear ISH and not think about it. lol
5 Feb 2009 - 16:31
You Leo are too kind. It's been great serving with you in the League of Ish for all these years. ;)
23 Oct 2008 - 14:29
Industrial Kybos...
There is no truer bond than betwixt a man and his nemesis...
22 Oct 2008 - 11:49


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