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26 Apr 2004
Alright, here's an age old question that may have had its own thread here before, so if it has, just please pardon me and pretend this thread never happened.

But anyways, hypothetically, if a tree falls in the woods, and there is absolutely nothing (including humans, squirrels, moose, ocelots, the woods are completely barren for the purpose of this question) around to hear it fall, does the tree make a sound?

Sound is defined at www.m-w.com as "a particular auditory impression" and "the sensation perceived by the sense of hearing". So, this leads one to believe that sound is only the impression sound waves make on one's ear. If there is no ear to receive the sound waves, there is no sound, because the sound is perceived by no one.

However, the third definition of sound is "mechanical radiant energy that is transmitted by longitudinal pressure waves in a material medium (as air) and is the objective cause of hearing". This definition seems to say that there can be sound as long as there is a medium through which it can travel, even if nothing hears this sound. So, sound waves and sound are essentially the same thing.

Well, what do you think?
21 Feb 2004
Alright, this game may be known by other names, but if it has been played here already just let me know. Basically the point of the game is to figure it out. I'll do the first ones, until somebody else figures it out. When you think you've got the trick to the game, PM me. But make sure to post your guesses to the answers of each question in this thread.

That made very little sense, so let's just start.

The three points of my triangle are: the back button in your browser, the "I" button on your keyboard, and the minimize button in this window.

Choices: Lord of Darness, Evilspoon, Marsyas, Kamaradi, Alaric

Which one of the above choices is in my triangle?

Go ahead, guess away.
19 Feb 2004
Hi everyone. Some of you may know me as Seņor Willis from the KYTN forum... but everywhere else I'm just Kamaradi. So, uhm, yeah. It's very nice meeting you all. smile.gif
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