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living in your basement, eating your candy hearts
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love, people, ruining my innocence, IRC, sepia, lengthening my playlist, dystopia, god, absorbing and spitting out words, food, laughter, nonsense, sex.
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28 Jan 2013
I have an old laptop, recently purchased used for less than the price of a new motherboard for my old computer. It works pretty well, but I'm having a weird problem with the internet. Every few hours it won't work - it still says it's connected, but nothing loads - and the "troubleshoot" thing tells me something about microsoft.com not being able to respond each time. I've found that restarting the computer works, but I'm worried that this might develop into something more, and I'm sick of restarting two or three times a day. Anyone know what it could be?
27 Jan 2011
apparently I fail at links. http://www.digitalspy.com/tv/news/a299898/...rdie-shore.html

I'm not sure how familiar with Jersey Shore everyone is. It's a "reality" show that plays off of stereotypes of people from New Jersey and throws them all in a house together. There's already been one spin-off, or at least attempted spin-off, because it was supposed to be about Boston and I remember people around where I live fussing about it.

I've actually seen some of Jersey Shore and I assume it is just like any other big brother-type reality show. Most people I know either regard it as awful or a guilty pleasure.

What's your reaction to this, on either side of the pond? I just kind of laughed, but sadly. I know a lot of shows have had "American" or "British" versions, but this one really takes the cake of absurdity. And other adjectives I am working on coming up with.
14 Jul 2010
So lately my Dell laptop (XPS 1530) which is going to be two years old in September has been yelling at me about how I'm going to need a new battery soon. I am skeptical and poor, so I have just been using it plugged in (like I do most of the time anyway). The battery does seem to last a little less longer than usual when it's unplugged. I don't know when I will/need to get a new battery - it's been telling me that "it charges normally but is reaching the end of its usable life" for about a month.

The other thing is my laptop has always been kinda hot. However, lately it is getting hotter faster, and reaching some scary temperatures. It's made some scary whirring noises which I assume are fans going into hyperdrive, and then I shut it off. This has only happened a few times but it is pretty disturbing.

So my question is, do you think the battery problem could be making the heat issue worse? I was considering getting a laptop cooler (borrowed one for a bit from someone and it worked wonders) and I think that might be substantially cheaper than a new battery, so that is a more feasible purchase at this point in time. However if the battery thing is making it worse, then hopefully after I get a new battery my computer would cool down a bit. I should probably get a laptop cooler regardless, but I do not know when I'm going to have to replace my battery.
8 Jan 2010
So, a while ago, Firefox started doing something that I have discovered is called "hanging". I surf the web for a while, and then Firefox just stops loading - I click a link, it says "loading..." at the top of the tab, but at the bottom of the page it says "stopped". I have no trouble hitting X to close firefox, but then I try to reopen it and get the "Firefox is still running and not responding" message. I go to Task Manager to Stop Process and this does not work. I have to restart my computer. This didn't use to happen quite as often as I think it does now - I thought it was ZoneAlarm (I am running Windows Vista, unfortunately) but even after I uninstalled the program this is happening...

So I downloaded Chrome to try out because I was curious and because I was frustrated with Firefox. Guess what. Chrome freezes up often, and after I close it, I open Task Manager and for some reason there are like five or six chrome.exe processes. I hit "end process" on like four of them, and then I can reopen Chrome, although sometimes it freezes on reboot too. I've run a virus scan, I've defragmented my computer, I disabled all my plugins in Firefox, I've run spyware programs... I don't know what to do next sad.gif

I'm running Windows Vista on a Dell XPS M1530 laptop that's a year and a half old.
19 Jun 2008
I'm sure this topic has been done before but either way I think it's time for a new one! Anyway, I'm sick of browsing through random on my mp3 player while driving, so I was going to compile playlists. The thing is, I need suggestions for good driving music. I am sure the gurus of matazone have suggestions biggrin.gif
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