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22 Apr 2004
On The Guardian's website today was this article:

Football pundit Ron Atkinson has lost his job as a columnist for the Guardian following his racist comments live on air about Chelsea defender Marcel Desailly.

Atkinson resigned last night as a football summariser for ITV Sport after calling Desailly a "f--king lazy thick nigger" on air following his team's defeat at the hands of Monaco in the first leg of the European Champions League semi-final.

Roy Atkinson has quite rightly now lost his job, much to The Guardian's approval. All good so far.

However also on The Guardian's website today was an upbeat positive little piece with Dennis Bergkamp, but wait:

While quietly treasuring his Dutch heritage, Bergkamp enjoys the irony that Mitchell and his two sisters, having all been born in this country, speak with English accents. "But it's not cockney," he says earnestly. "We make sure they speak proper English with good accents." "

So The Guardian sack Atkison as one of their columnists with righteous indignation then flaunt this offensive and prejudiced nonsense with jolly disregard. For a paper that pats itself on the back with smug thoughts of 'liberalism' and low tolerance of all that is 'Un-PC' they seem to have committed an act of extreme hypocrisy. It seems The Guardian have no problem with sacking writers for racism against black people, but when it comes to working class members of East London - well you can take the piss all you want apparently

In my opinion such a comment should have the repercussions for Dennis Bergkamp as Atkinson's have for him. At least Atkinson didn't knowingly broadcast his comment whilst Bergkamp is happily joking around with The Guardian's journalists.

Does anyone else find this appaling?
10 Apr 2004
My Scarling album, Sweet Heart Dealer finally arrived. I think it's very good. It took me a while to get used to the sound, probally because I was deaf in one ear at the time though. Anyone else have it? Anyone else even heard of them? The line up features vocalist Jessicka from Jack Off Jill fame...
23 Mar 2004
I am babysitting at this very moment, two males, 7 and 5 I think. I thought I passed the real hurdle when I finally got them into bed after extracting then carrying out their daily rituals. I sighed a sigh of innocent relief

But then, just as I let my guard down, I sensed uqnuiet from their bedroom, they were arguing, door open, or door closed. So I woke them both up and hit them hard round the face....

Well thats want I wanted to do, I ended the dispute by tricking them into admitting that a compromise would be having no lights on, but the door open.

Luckily the younger one didn't cotton on that the compromise defeated the very point of the door being open in the first place.

I know this does'nt sound that bad, but these situations put me in a nervous and chaotic disposition...

anyone else had babysitting nightmares? (not nightmares of being babysat)
18 Mar 2004
From my childhood, I remember Sonic being about traversing well designed levels jumping on Dr.Robotnik and generally being very fast. Sonic Adventure had these elements aswell, albeit in a less pure, straight to your veins sort of way.

So I played Sonic Heroes in a shop with eager anticipation, so what's the first thing I encounter: A Wall

This is not a jumping over wall, no no, this is one of those walls where you have to pick tails and knuckles up and literally throw them into it over and over again in order to break it down and pass it. Why for the love of God why?

I dont want to throw my childhood heroes in order to break walls, I want to do what Sonic does best, go around loops fast, without having to think too much about whether I'm going to have to switch characters and charge an ability in order to get pass the next wall-like object.

Anyone else feel this is a crime against Sonic?
18 Mar 2004
Arthur Lee and Love are playing another Forever Changes concert at the Shepherd's Bush Empire biggrin.gif . Should be absolutely stunning, If you don't know who Love are search for them on http://www.allmusic.com as they are perhaps the best band to have ever come out of the 60's, definately the best San Francisco band from that era. I hope some of you have heard of them...

Anyone else going?
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