The Other Side - Twisted animations by Mata - Suggested for mature viewers

Mata Meet, 19th March, The World's End, Camden, London, UK

Ectoplasm manifested early in the night, which always bodes well.

Suddenly Tarantio grew to the size of a giant.

What is Faeriryn doing?

She looks happy enough now though...

Smiler enthuses about a recent fishing trip, Polocrunch tries the 'pull my finger' trick,while Tarantio wonders if there is life on other planets.

Six hands and a magnetic zebra, no wonder Smiler is happy.

That zebra gets around.

Lots of pondering from SPS, Mr Fuzzy, Frog, and Becca in the background (Mr Fuzzy's partner in nefarious deeds).

Only Frog has noticed the terrifying monster looming behind me.

SPS, Saucy Tara, and Commie starring in 'Optimisation of Doom'

SPS holds up a stool with a suggestively shaped groove. Mr Teapot demonstrates his anatomical knowledge. That's why the ladies love the Teapot.

It's all good.

Daft punks.

Mr Fuzzy is clearly traumatised by something on SPS's bottom.

The very funky Frog looking glamourous.

Mr Fuzzy is worried when Polo begins to sing

Soon a whole dance number begins and the Fuzzmeister joins in for a beautiful duet. It was truly the most moving thing I've ever seen.

I had to hold Forever Unknown's arms to prevent her covering her face... She doesn't look very impressed with me!

The clubbers head off...

Saucy lives up to her name.


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