The Other Side - Twisted animations by Mata - Suggested for mature viewers

A Photographic chronicle of drunkeness, Nov 7th, 2004, World's End, Camden, London.

So, to save me from having to type out username's continually, here's the attendees in no particular order:

Mata, Jon (Jonman), Kat (Kisah, AKA Mrs Jonman), Pat (Sir Psycho Sexy, AKA SPS), Ryn (Faerieryn), Mhari (funked)out_frog, who had to head off earlier in the night so isn't in these photos), Michelle (Snugglebum the Destroyer), Kim (Forever Unknown), Alex (Polocrunch), Sean (CommieBastard), and Matt (Smiler), also featuring Brian and Rich (two friends of Jon's).

I think that's the back of Jon's head, then there's Kim, a tiny bit of Ryn, Matt, the back of Alex's head, and Pat showing off about how tall he is.

Kim starts a one-person dance revolution. Pat looks so wary that the camera becomes unfocussed.

Sean and Alex as seen from the sky-cam. Sean is demonstrating the correct stance for riding ponies.

Matt continues his theme for the evening: 'Let's see how much I can look like a young Matthew Broderick'.

Michelle, Matt, and Kim are either faling over backwards or the girls are having a grope of Matt's left nipple. I suspect that it is the latter. For some reason, this is the only photo I don't remember taking.

Pat once again demonstrates his talent for making the camera go out of focus. Matt is letting his Matthew Broderick impersonation slip a little, and Michelle is about to demonstrate how to incapacitate a giant using pressure points along the jaw.

Kat, Kisah on the forums, with Brian and Rich who are a couple of Jon's friends from uni days. Moments after this photo was taken the balloon monster in the background attacked and killed two thirds of the people in the pub before finally being felled by Kat when she made a slingshot with a pair of tights tied between Brian and Rich's heads. That there was a hedgehog passing by at the time can only be described as fortuitous, and its sacrifice will not be forgotten.

Ryn, who managed to remain almost completely out of all my photos can be half-seen on the left. Kim is working up to her theme of the evening, laughing at Jon. In the background Matt is once again completely back on the ball and looking stunningly like Monsieur Broderick. To the right there's Michelle, Alex, and Pat. Pat is showing Alex his collection of kitten photos on his digital camera. He's a big softie really.

For a bit of a giggle we decided to steal the waxwork of Jon from Madame Tussaud's. It was in the 'future despots of the world' section. In his left hand you can see the triggering device for a thermonuclear device. The device itself is being carried in an unmarked sports bag in his right hand and unfortunately just off the camera.

Michelle has just thrown away a small cat. It had a grenade tied to its back, which is why she is turning her face, to try and minimise the damage from the explosion. We were all fine, but the people on the balcony were not so lucky. Kat is demonstrating to Sean the correct face to pull while sucking on a lemon, while Pat and Alex look on admiringly.

The pub was later stormed by Afghan rebels, hence the expressions. I got this shot of Commie and Alex by hacking into one of their head-mounted cameras. After explaining that America was on the other side of the Atlantic, the rebels apologised and we all had a good laugh about it. Unfortunately Kim was later abducted by one of them and sold into white slavery.

Kat laughs in the background as Michelle (on the left) and Kim (on the right) fall for the old 'superglue on the boobs' trick. You wouldn't believe the number of people she's caught with that one, the little scallywag.

No comment.

It truly was the funniest board in the west. Kim continues her theme for the evening of laughing at Jon. On the right you can see one of the scattered limbs from the earlier devastation.

Jon really should get some cream for that.

And so the evening drew to a close... Many of the pub's clientelle lay around us dead and dying, destroyed by various cataclysms, war, balloon monsters, etc., but we all knew that the events of the night would go down in history. Their names would not be forgotten, and they shall live on in our hearts, especially that brave hedgehog. Their sacrifice in the name of us having a fun night was indeed noble.

Here's a blurry shot of Matt on the left and Jon on the right, feeling the boogie.

Oh, and I saw one of my bags in a shop for the first time... Yay!

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