Extreme Jam Sandwich Eating

I just received an email:

>Dear Matazone,
>You've got cash!
>Amount: 5.00 Pounds Sterling
>Subject: Jam
>There is a small price to pay for this donation - you must eat a piece of bread with jam spread on both sides.
>How you choose to accomplish this is entirely up to you.
>Remember, we are watching always...

Extreme jam sandwiches?

So hardcore that it's not two slices of bread with jam in, but... the other way around?

I'm up for that.

Jam. Not much jam left, but enough... To be Xtreme. Yes, we're at the stage of removing the first 'E' now.

Jam and bread. It's brown because I'm healthy like that.

You've got to look after yourself if you're going to be doing kerazy stunts like this.

Side one.

It's really difficult to demonstrate that both sides of something have jam on. This took some thinking.

Job's a good'un.

It made a right mess of my hands though.

XTREME! Do you like my 'xtreme face' too?

That's the easiest fiver I've ever earnt.

(Except that it was really a donation in regard to all these)

Thanks to Brian Platt for a) being great and sending me money to keep this site online b) being very daft.