Digi-Shakespeare: huh?

pray using quarter laughter saying supposedto
his ye
though welcome

Apparently DS is going under the name of ‘Setsuko Cherry’ today. Perhaps the slightly garbled nature of this poem is explained by that. Maybe it was originally written in Japanese but something has been lost in the translation.

DS had been doing some good ones lately, so I’m a little disappointed with this. The reference to ‘quarter laughter’ is an interesting image though, evoking thoughts of some barely amusing anecdote, or a choked laugh. It’s a shame that image isn’t in a better context, because I rather like it.

One thought on “Digi-Shakespeare: huh?”

  1. i dunno, i like this one. It sounds like ds feels as tough his religion has become somewhat fake but is still blindly followed. he is saying what e is supposed to, what is “welcomed” by religious group, but feels it is cheap.

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