Hurrah for gamers not killing stuff

It looks like gamers are being nice and charitable. Loads of gaming related companies are doing nice things to try and support the Red Cross and other related Hurricane Katrina related groups.

Bungie (makers of Halo) are selling T-shirts on their site and all profits from their shop in September go towards aid
Everquest II has got a new command added, ‘/donate’ that takes players to the donation site
Even Penny Arcade are auctioning original artwork on eBay

Who says that all gamers know how to do is kill and kill again?

One thought on “Hurrah for gamers not killing stuff”

  1. Unless of course its due to these “new fangled” RPing games (coughcrapcough) that have people playing as more friendly roles, like healers and friends of nature…

    Oh, wait, no, I’m talking crap. I hate it when people condemn an entire group of people (and not a small one either) because it contains a few nutjobs. I’m sure there are a few people amongst the larger group that watch the TV show Eastenders that are lunatics capable of mass-murder, and I can assure you that there are more gamers in the world than there are Easties fans…

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