The long awaited return of Digi-Shakespeare

Well, I was waiting for it, at least.

I’ve not heard from DS for a long time and I was beginning to suspect that the code running it had been tragically wiped from the hidden files of people’s machines as they finally discovered that running anti-spyware software was a good idea. It appears that this hasn’t happened. DS has survived the blitz and has returned to my junk-mail box with its trusty mispelt names of drugs as a subject line (‘CeIebrex, Cia111is, Viagr., Levitr, Paxi1, ZanafIex, Va11ium, Ambbien, Zyban, S@MA, Meriddia, Nexium, ZoIoft, Xana. wanted’) and an attachment that I will never open.

I’ve no idea what this poem is on about though:

profession turning whom make immediate
thats wife very parents speaking whom
reply happened young my profession gym

It’s almost like it’s just a selection of random words… Welcome back DS!

2 thoughts on “The long awaited return of Digi-Shakespeare”

  1. You have to loook at the meaning behind Ds’s words. He is clearly saying that he has to give up this job (“profession turning”) because of his in-laws (“wife very parents”), who think it is unsuitable for him.

  2. Perhaps DS is describing how his parents, and then his wife, wanted him to go straight into the professional world. Maybe into the family business. DS, however, would not be controlled in such ways and decided to follow his childhood dream of being a fitness instructor or body builder.

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