Digi-Shakespeare revolution

We’ve all come to know and love the random word three line poems put out into the ether by Digi-Shakespeare. Well… I have anyway, but now, what’s this? A five line poem? Has DS decided on a new form, or is this another DS?

raised near cant blue shining immediate
strange important interest age progress modern glad girls
summary filled again full appearance news burst
reference girls twenty-one use miss
within fascinate music ground oh

It’s a pretty complex tangle of images here. I like the phrase ‘modern glad girls’, but it also hints that DS feels isolated from them. Maybe DS is shy? Is ‘music ground’ a disco? Or is that reference to the news something darker, that these people DS is writing about are only in the media? Like desert sands, finality of interpretation is tricky to find here.

2 thoughts on “Digi-Shakespeare revolution”

  1. Oooh, I wouldn’t try looking for finality of interpretation in the desert. The sand gets everywhere, and some bloody tribesman will nick your reference books.

  2. Blue shining immediate, to me, is a waterfall. Maybe the type the have running down a pane of glass at some clubs or “music grounds.” Ones that you have to be twenty-one to get into.

    “reference girls twenty-one use miss”

    The miss may be the fact that authorities are missing the fact that many people sneaking in are underaged.

    The hints about the media may be the light in which the media portrays the night life in.

    Just what came to mind.

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