Wolfenstein 3D… In Flash!

The new version of Flash is out, and it is seriously cool. I’ve been playing with some of the features on it, but other people are way ahead of me. Check out this:


It’s a Flash based version of the original first-person shooter, Wolfenstein 3D. Flash has come a long way!

You’ll need the latest version of Flash player for it to work. I’ll be interested to hear whether you get automatically prompted to download it and what your experience is of the upgrade. Obviously I’d like to begin publishing for Flash player 8 pretty soon, so I need to know how smoothly the upgrade process goes.

4 thoughts on “Wolfenstein 3D… In Flash!”

  1. Oh man, I’m excited. With this new revelation will we see DOZENS of amazing new updates on your site?

    Better be a yes.

  2. The Wolfenstein 3D one doesn’t, but Weebl and Bob’s new ones do. (See http://www.weebls-stuff.com/toons/On+The+Moon+ep.3/ for example) Don’t know enough about flash to tell you why, but I’m sure you can get the info.

    As for the installation, it’s the usual “You are missing a plug-in” type message that takes you directly to the Flash page. Download it, close the browser, run it, and you’re up and running. Not too hard, but then I’ve been installing these things for years 🙂

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