New Mr Snaffleburger coming soon

I’ve been working on a Mr Snaffleburger advert for a little while now. It’s looking pretty good, and I finally finished the animation on it today, so now I have the tedious job of brushing up the audio and doing the interface stuff (buttons at the end, intro blurb, HTML stuff, that kind of thing). It’s strange, because sometimes it’s very engrossing and other times I just want it to be over. I think at the moment I’m itching to get back to my PhD so I just want to get this finished, but these are things that you just can’t scrimp on otherwise the whole animation suffers. There’s no point in spending days (or weeks, or months) on something if you’re just going to rush the details. It’s also at this point in proceedings that it’s easy to overlook something. Quite often I upload a new animation at least twice because there’s always something I notice I’ve missed after the first upload.

I’m not at all certain what I’m going to do about Halloween this year. I’ve got one really great story that I’m very excited to tell, but, to give it the presentation that it deserves, it may take a lot of work to produce, and I’m planning on handing in a PhD thesis chapter on the 31st too. I do have another idea that’s suitable thematically for Halloween, but it’s very silly and I’d rather make something scary. We’ll see.

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