New James Bond about to be confirmed

Tomorrow the new Bond will be announced as being Daniel Craig.

If, like me, your first reaction was ‘who?’ you might want to click here for the IMDB file and here for some pictures.

Perhaps it says a lot that the only thing I’ve seen him in is the first Tomb Raider movie, where he played Lara’s boyfriend-ish bloke Alex West (and you also get to see him naked in a shower). UK link US link

Trivia buffs might also like to know that the screenplay for the next Bond film, Casino Royale, has been written by Paul Haggis, who wrote the brilliant Canadian mountie comedy/drama Due South. UK link US link

2 thoughts on “New James Bond about to be confirmed”

  1. More recently he’s been in layer cake. I think he’ll give the character more of a down to earth, gritty edge, which is what they’re looking for. Hopefully the days of 007 being a big ball of cheese dipped in cheese sauce with a liberal sprinkling of cheese are now at an end (love Mr. Brosnan thought I did)

  2. I heard that many people submitted themselves to be chosen as Bond. They were looking for a handsome, musculer, and talented actor. We’ll have to see if his talent shines as Bond.

    They almost made a movie for every Bond that was a book. Now new stories and scrips have to be made.

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