I used to work in an off-licence (a liquor store, in the US) and on Sundays it would be very quiet. I invented a method to rate the busy-ness of the day: the Bohemian Rhapsody Index (BRI). Essentially, this was the number of times I could sing the Bohemian Rhapsody in full before the next customer came in. An average Sunday would round out at around two or three on the index. I think one day had a rating of seven, which needless to say was pretty high even for that shop.

I would like to say that such things are useful for keeping you sane when working by yourself in a really boring job, but I suspect that even taking the idea seriously indicates a slight slippage in the levels of sanity.

3 thoughts on “The BRI”

  1. Interesting way to measure. I would say “I’ll use that where I work,” but where I work I can’t get half the song out before a customer comes in. Always at least one person there. Which means I’ll never get to sit back and sing Queen.

    Woe is me.

  2. I should have used that system today. I think I might have managed a whole Queen album at one point today đŸ˜‰

  3. I do this at work when I have car park duty (I’m a teacher)but I sing to myself from the Les Mis from the begining to Lovely Ladies and then I know it is time to go in. When I was an exchange student in the UK in 1990 it took the same amount of time to sing This Corrosion by the Sisters of Mercy to get from my flat to my school.

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