New Doctor Who spinoff ‘Torchwood’

After the massively successful recent series of Doctor Who there will be a new series next year. After that series has finished there will be a new 13 episode series called Torchwood starring the Captain Jack character.

It will be shown on BBC3, a slightly off-mainstream branch of BBC television that generally aims its programming at a slightly more cult audience. The programme is described as being aimed at adults so it will be shown after 9pm. Unlike Doctor Who, that travels around many locations, Torchwood will be set in Cardiff, keeping the same location each week. “The drama features investigators solving human and alien crime.” Who would have thought that so much alien crime happens in Cardiff?

Actually, having met a few people from Cardiff… šŸ˜‰

“It’s going to be a dark, wild and sexy roller-coaster ride…I can’t wait to explore Captain Jack even more,” says John Barrowman, the chap who plays Captain Jack. Given Jack’s flirting with the Doctor and the writer Russel T. Davies’ history of writing scripts about gay issues (Queer As Folk, for example) I’m going to be very interested to see how this turns out. It should be a good laugh, and Davies hasn’t done anything bad yet. Even his very early work on the children’s sci-fi series Dark Season was fantastic.

Torchwood should be on screens at the end of 2006 after next year’s Doctor Who series has been shown. More details here (BBC News) and here (official announcement with links to interviews).

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  1. Hoorah for (hopefuly) good telly. There is sadly not enough of it around … although I would only end up missing things, as I refuse to choose tv instead of life.

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