I’m giving away free corsets! + Halloween anim. update

Due to a massive lack of funds caused by international trade issues out of my hands, the economic slowdown in the UK, and goodness knows how many other things, I’m re-opening my on-site shop.


At the moment I’ve only got corsets by Snobz in there and some badges left from the last time I was running the shop. Little Goth Girl bags and T-shirts will turn up at some point in the next two weeks, but I’m not sure when.

I’m really pleased with the deal I’ve got on the corsets. They’re really good ones and I’ve got them for 10% cheaper than you’ll find (decent ones) elsewhere, plus there’s the chance that you won’t even have to pay for it…

I’ve decided that after every twenty corsets that I sell the next person will get theirs free, so I’ll refund the money for the corset and pop it in the post to them. You’ll never know if it’s going to be you, but you won’t find other websites giving away free corsets!

As usual, I’m pretty sure that I’ve got it all tested, but if you do have any problems with the shop please let me know as soon as possible!

In other news: I’ve got the Halloween animation written, and so I’m going to try and allocate some time to making it over the next few days. I’m really pleased with the way the story has panned out, so I hope that I can give it at least reasonable graphics in time for Halloween. It may end up with a lot of static shots: they also take up a lot of time to draw, but they’re usually faster than animation.

3 thoughts on “I’m giving away free corsets! + Halloween anim. update”

  1. I was at Disney in Anaheim last weekend (for my company conference, no, really!) and some mad (but cute) girl called Zay kept trying to buy my Mr Snaffleburger T shirt! I gave her your web site URL so I hope you can get some Mr Snaffleburger shirts up there at some point soon.

    And, yes, I very deliberately chose to wear a “Conform! Consume! Obey!” T shirt at Disney 🙂

    And my wife still wants an Osaki T shirt…

  2. 😮 Corsets!

    I’m so tempted to buy one, but, being but a poor student, and having no idea as to whether or not it’ll fit me I should probably refrain from purchasing. Would probably look awful on me too…

    When will I find a decent corset that will fit? It’s not my fault that I have no breasts!

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