Little Goth Girl things now in my shop

I’ve had a fair few emails from people asking for Matazone stuff over the last few weeks and I’ve finally got my hands on the remaining stock of Little Goth Girl things from Blue Banana. I’m not going to keep going with them, so everything made by them in my shop is the last stock: if you miss it then it’s not coming back.

Sorry chaps, the tops are all for ladies, that’s just the way that Blue Banana did things!

To get things rolling I’ve got a deal going on the Little Goth Girl ‘bowling bags’, which have a cool retro-50s style to them. Usually they are £12 but I’ve knocked them down to £7.50. This offer will only be running until the end of this month (November) so grab them up before they go back to their usual price!

The offer on corsets is still running, that’s 10% off their usual price and every 21st corset I sell will be free (I’ll refund the price
of the corset). That’s probably the best deal on professionally made corsets going on the web! If you’re thinking of getting one as a Christmas present I’d ask if you could please order as early as possible (in the next two weeks preferably) because they are only made when the order is placed so time has to be allowed for that and for shipping.

2 thoughts on “Little Goth Girl things now in my shop”

  1. just been linked little goth girl by a friend, will you ever make more? 8 years is a long time and I bet your fans are itching for more – I watched the last one 5 minutes ago and I’m already desperate haha! it’s great!

  2. At the moment, I really don’t think so, sorry! Animating takes too much time compared to other projects. There’s been a vague idea in the back of my head for a long time about rebooting it all and writing it as a novel, but that idea has a lot of competition against my other writing, the painting, and the games, not to mention my full time job!

    I’m really glad to hear that people are still watching these and enjoying them. I put a lot of love into them many years ago. I can never say anything for sure, but currently the story of Sarah is going to stay on hiatus for an indefinite period.

    Thanks for writing though – it’s always interesting to know that these old stories can catch people’s imagination still!

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