UK ‘Lost’ box set – don’t buy it!

I’m a big fan of the series Lost. It might be hokum, but it’s very enjoyable hokum, and it’s got Dominic Monaghan pretending that he’s not a hobbit, aww bless.

Anyway, in the UK they’ve released a box set of the first twelve episodes in time for Christmas, here it is. We’re being charged, on average, around £25 for half the series. Fair enough, they want to make money at Christmas and the whole season hasn’t been shown over here yet so they don’t want to release it all.

Now, let’s compare that to the US price: US link. There you go: $36.98, which works out at £21.27 at today’s exchange rate. Four pounds cheaper… but what’s this? The US box set has the entire first series in it! Four pounds cheaper and with twice as much content. Call me crazy if you like, but it looks like the Brits are getting a bad deal here.

I’ve put this under the ‘buy this!’ category of my blog, but in this case I’m telling you not to buy something. Don’t buy the UK Lost box set. It’s a plain and simple rip off. I love the series, but I find the fact that we’re being charged twice as much money as people in the US for the same thing damn annoying so I’d encourage you to vote with your wallets.

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