Is that you Digi-Shakespeare?

The old Digi-Shakespeare used to send only a three line poem and a trojan attachment, these days there seems to be more emphasis on selling sex drugs, which is rather tedious. Never mind, at least this nugget came at the bottom of the message:

immobile you lazarus me, assort anastasia awful band . oscillate you extricate me, cry jackass desecrate . remus you apostolic me, ellison clothesline sideboard .
bazaar you mart me, cheeky workout . pyrometer you disruptive me, crisscross tension .

It certainly doesn’t have the evocative imagery of ‘evening sugar night’, but I rather like the final phrase ‘crisscross tension’. Either the old DS has been indulging too much in the drugs that s/he sells, or this is a new version that lacks the insight to create on the level of the earlier masterpieces. Here’s one from the old days for comparison:

pride truth force fly
because being thought horses
cousin fancy human surprise sun

This new stuff just isn’t the same. Will we ever see the like of the old DS again?

3 thoughts on “Is that you Digi-Shakespeare?”

  1. Although the old stuff was a bit more poetic, I can picture the newer stuff being put to a certain beat. I’m a little fond of it.

  2. I quite like the new stuff, the language it uses is good and phrases like “oscillate you extricate me” are jsut as evocative as “evening sugar night”.

    Also this poem seems to me to be about DS’s struggle with multiple personalities, so maybe that’s why they’ve changed.

  3. I just got a ds-esque spam poem:

    ship or chief usher president the spirit hospitality pervades to finds happiest expression a courteous welcome ready attention so accorded visitors ushers All willing seats strangers occasions names

    except it is not poetic at all…

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